Pullip and obitsu clothes for sale

Although the value of all these things combined is $184, I’ve knocked $84 off! I’m selling the entire lot for $100! (Or best (reasonable) offer!)
(If you’d like me to remove one or more items, PM me. I’m more than willing to work out a deal!)

Also, feel free to offer, if you feel the prices are too high!

Top E: $2

Top G: $2

Skirt: $5

Jeans A: $10

Jeans B: $7

Jeans C: $5

Shorts: $3

Dress C: $10
Dress D: $10

Dress E: $20

Dress G: $10

Set A: $20

Set B: $20

Set C: $30
The sandals are for obitsu feet.

Striped socks: $3 a pair

Shoes: $2 a pair

(Click for bigger)
Jewelry and a tiny jewelry box: $20

Contact me at majsemusen@hotmail.com


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