I spend an insane amount of time pondering the characters of my dolls and which dolls to get next. I’m sure I’m absolutely not the only dolly collector who does that, but I also understand that some people don’t. Even for me it’s sometimes weird to realize that I’ve assigned personalities to chunks of resin, but on the other hand I’ve been creating characters for most of my youth on first Neopets and then Subeta (if any of you other geeks remember those sites!). And to be honest it’s more fun to make characters for dolls than for pixels. 😉

LittleFee ReniSo far I have a LittleFee Reni close to being on her way to make a stop in US and then on her way to me.

I picked a name and a character for her (although the character wasn’t all fleshed out yet), and got very excited for her arrival…until I saw the first owner pictures. She doesn’t look as good as she did in the company pictures; her nose is bigger and more pronounced in owner photos. Major disappointment.

I’m already actively trying to find a Lishe faceplate replacement for her, but Lishes don’t appear to get rehomed often! I really doubt that I’ll love her when she arrives, but…well, I still sort of hope. And then again, I don’t. I’d rather have a Lishe than a Reni – it solves a lot of character problems at this point.


What do you think?

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