Pondering some more…

I have recently ordered two new Lati Yellow dolls from the bat children release. Lumi (called Banya) was the first to catch my eye, as she was the first tease picture, and I like dolls with a certain smily quality to them.

Vampire BanyaI love her slightly dreamy expression in this picture, but the pictures of her after the release of the dolls also showed a more fierce personality. How could I not be in love?

So after happily ordering her, I started to think of a story for her, while trying to push the sad, huge-eyed Noa out of my mind, although she kept haunting me. I figured that when the ordering period closed, I’d forget about Noa, who didn’t really fit into anything anyway with her sad expression.

So as I made up a story for my Lumi, I was happy…until the moment I realised that she in no way fit the story of a sad little mute that I’d thought up. Only as the story completely formed itself in my head did I realise that the sneaky little one had managed to tell me Noa’s story instead. I finally caved and ordered Noa, even though I wasn’t supposed to, as I hadn’t sold all the things I needed to sell to get her. Only then did Lumi agree to tell me her story and name: She is London and her little sister is Poe.

Lati Noa lang (1)Beautiful little Poe’s full name is actually Paris, but she goes by Poe or, as London named her, Caramel. I know logically that Noa isn’t the type of doll that I would usually want to bring into my family, but her innocence combined with those tiny fangs and…I was lost. Oh well, I guess I’ll have 4 Latis then… (Until Lati releases a pink skinned one. Then I’ll have 5.)

Now only for the unbearably long wait. My guess is that they’ll be shipped in maybe September or October, so until then there’s nothing to do but try to push them out of my mind!


What do you think?

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