Dolls and worries…

I strongly suspect that I’m not the only one who hates to think about money when it comes to our dolls. There’s nothing quite as irritating to get an idea, whether it’s a wig, a pair of eyes or a new article of clothing, and then realising that the funds are not friendly currently.

For me it’s currently the problem of selling my incoming Reni faceplate and acquiring either a Lishe or an Ante elf faceplate instead. Economic wise I’d prefer to have Miss Flynn keep my LittleFee body on hold and send the faceplate off to a new owner, then be part of another GO and order the correct faceplate, then let her ship the entire package to me! On the other hand I’m not quite willing to wait that long!

Hopefully I’ll manage to sell the Reni faceplate before the doll ships to Denmark, else I’ll have to try to get a higher price for it, since I’ll have to pay a lot to get it into Denmark. And then hopefully I’ve found a split partner to get a faceplate. But again that will cost me money in shipping and custom fees…sigh. On the other hand that gives me the chance of figuring out whether or not to actually keep the Reni…

Decisions, decisions!


What do you think?

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