LittleFee Reni

Lars and I went and picked Lumi, my LittleFee Reni up from the post office the 24th of April. The wrong post office. In pouring rain in the evening. We were both soaked when we got home!

But Lumi was finally home, and I was thrilled. Sadly, my fears came true: Even though the Reni sculpt actually is quite gorgeous in person (especially from the right angles), she just wasn’t the doll for me. Maybe some day I’ll bring back a LittleFee Reni to my life, because she is just such a happy sculpt, but right now I’ve lost the spark for her.

Luckily though, Lumi soon found a great new home in the Netherlands, and I shipped her Wednesday. I’m very happy that her new mommy will now have the option of loving her. I then immediately contacted Michelle from BJD Group Orders and ordered a LittleFee Ante elf faceplate instead. I hope the group order closes on May 10th so I can start waiting for little miss gorgeous. I have such great plans for her. Hopefully I’ll also have some beautiful clothes and a wig ready by then… I never got anything but a skirt home for Lumi, because I was feeling so certain that I probably wouldn’t keep her.

But before Lumi found her new mommy, I took some pictures of her. I was very aware of the fact that I wouldn’t get the chance to take pictures of a LittleFee for several months, because it’s sort of weird with a faceless doll… So I grabbed the chance several times and took a bunch of photos.

Now for the looong wait for Rain (LittleFee Ante elf) to come home…


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