Rain by Soudaiya

Rain by Soudaiya

I hope that the Fairyland GO will be ordered soon so the wait for Rain, my LittleFee Ante elf, can officially begin. I’ve ordered her wig through Taobao though, and I’ve asked Keelyvh to make a wa-loli kimono for me. It’s going to have a lovely panda print and be pink – super cute! Rain likes to dress cutesy, and I’m thrilled about it, because there’s so many cute styles out there. She’ll also be wearing a lot of AmyLilley, when I finally get some money! I just always want to make a bigger order, when I get something from Amy, because she lives in EU, so no customs, yay! Plus I can never decide which things I want to get from her, they’re all so beautiful.
So now I only need some pink or white YoSD shoes. If anybody knows some, please point me towards it…

Speaking of Amy Lilley’s design, I got a fellow Subeta member to draw a picture of Rain wearing one of Amy’s beautiful tops. This was drawn by Sirbee/Soudaiya, and it is absolutely gorgeous. Makes me so happy to know that Rain will be home with me in a not too distant future. (Although it feels very distant right now!)


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