MMOs and BJDs

I’ve recently started playing Neverwinter, a Dungeons & Dragons online game. I’ve always been very interested in DnD, but I’ve never figured out where to start with getting into it. So when my little brother suggested Neverwinter as a new MMO to try out, I figured it was a very sad little way to try out the DnD universe. This required me to think of a new character. (Okay, maybe it didn’t require me to…but I like the idea of a more fleshed out character.) So now I possibly have another girl wanting to be turned into a doll. Oops!

What really soothes my soul and convinces me that I am not going crazy is that several other people have made DnD characters (or other MMO characters) into dolls. It also happens the other way around, when you really enjoy a doll and his/her character, you want to recreate him/her in a game form. A good example is CrazyKimochi’s Brink & Zephii, although I’m not sure if they were characters in a game or doll characters first. That’s for CrazyKimochi to know and the rest of us to guess… Actually I’m fairly sure that they were doll characters first, though.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming: I might need to get a new dolly girl. The obvious choice would be another LittleFee (she might be a Lishe, and then I would make Emmelie a Chloe), but I’m not sure… I’d like someone a little more mature than a LittleFee, but with better posing than a Momo29. Oh well, it will likely be a while and she may not ever happen. I really like her though, and I would like someone happy-go-lucky but still fierce, and I like the religious aspects of her.

Oh, and she would be named Althea.


What do you think?

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