Picture belongs to Licht

So, today I got pictures from TBTrends of my Licht wig. I was a little worried about buying from there at first, but I got a lot of help from the Danish doll community (such patient people, I ask a lot of stupid questions!). I was also worried about whether the wig would be a fake, since there’s a lot of recasts flowing around on Taobao, but it seems quite legit.

I’m impressed that they actually take pictures of your order before shipping it – I got 5 pictures of 1 wig. Five pictures. Five. Those guys take customer service very seriously! Now I just hope that it arrives safely here in Denmark. It might be a while since I got airmail, but I don’t mind waiting. Rather that than pay more in shipping that I paid for the wig!

So far I’m thrilled with the look of the wig in real life – the colors are so beautiful. Can’t wait for it AND Rain to be home!


2 thoughts on “Taobao

  1. It’s such a beautiful wig! I want it for one of my girls too, if it’s still available in the future. Please tell me how the quality is, when you receive it! 🙂

    • Absolutely planning on it! I’ve heard wonderful things about Licht wigs though. They are supposed to be as great as Leeke wigs from the good period! 🙂

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