My girls

My sisterly sisterI can’t deny it – I love my Latis the most out of all my dolls. Particularly Nova, my Coco from the Aladdin release. Her little cute face makes me almost squee in pure delight, it’s so precious. She’s gotten a scratch on the right cheek from one of our adventures, but somehow that just makes her more mine.

I’m also surprised as to how similar their skin tones are – they really look like they could be sisters (although in my story, they’re not actually biologically related). Siria, my Laches, has been preserved so well considering how old she actually is. There is a yellow tone to her skin, yes, but it’s not super-obvious.

I’m not happy with Siria’s eyes though. She tends to get that staring look always…anybody has a clue as to why? Is it because Nova’s eyes have a pattern inside them?


What do you think?

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