How characters multiply – part 1

Talking to some of my Danish BJD friends got me thinking. Of how characters seem to multiply, both regular ones and (more economically painful) BJD ones.

Chapter 1: Children
The day your character announces that he or she would be a very good parent. Or maybe an accident with that cute SD doll happened last night. Anyhow you’re suddenly finding yourself looking through tinies or YoSDs looking for that perfect face that resembles your adult doll and still pleases you aesthetically. Usually with your character happily chatters in your ear to let you know that this or that sculpt would just be perfect. Oh well. Smaller dolls are cheaper than big ones, right? (Just too bad the clothes are still expensive…)

Chapter 2: Siblings
“Diiid you meet my sister?” This is a question that makes me twitch – and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Not only is it the worst pick-up line, but it’s even more disturbing from one of your characters. Whether it’s a small doll who (together with one or more parents) has a sudden need for a playmate (not that sort, you perv!) or a bigger doll who just can’t live without her BFF/sister, it sucks. They usually don’t share clothes either, because they are very different. If they actually do like the same clothes, they’re usually twins and will want two sets of every outfit to wear simultaneously.
The above also goes for brothers. Unless it’s the Winchester brothers or Weasley twins, then it wouldn’t be the worst pick-up line…

Chapter 3: Best friends
This continues much along the same lines as chapter 2. Your character just can’t live without her best friend, room mate and partner in crime. Of course, they can’t share clothes either, usually because “He can’t be prettier than me!” or something obscure along those lines. You find yourself scouring Flickr for comparison shots of your current character in his/her doll form and the potential shell of the best friend. Then it’s time to figure out clothes, wig and eyes and possibly try to convince your character to let you know how they know this new person you’re bringing into your house. All the while wondering how you’re going to keep them from destroying too many things and smoking all your sandwiches.

…to be continued…


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