How characters multiply – part 2

…continued from earlier post

Chapter 4: Lovers
Loneliness isn’t just something you feel – your characters do as well. Whether it is unrequited love or fiery passion that drives the relationship, your doll is sure to want that significant other. And your wallet will surely bleed. When asked, most dolls seem to favor the curvy girls and hot guys from Iplehouse, but Soom is also a popular choice especially for those who want their guys a tad less masculine. When it comes to MSD, Fairyland‘s MiniFees of both genders seem to attract quite a bit of attention! Incidentally, those are also some of the most expensive choices for a lover/spouse/friend with benefit/slave/etc. But hey, love knows no price, right?!  Personally my Momo29 would like a gorgeous Souldoll to keep her company…and she’s just a YoSD. Good thing I don’t have many MSDs, they would ALL want lovers. At least YoSDs are usually content with friends and don’t need lovers too…

Chapter 5: Parents
I haven’t experienced this yet, but it will likely be a problem for those with a bunch of tinies. In my case…well, I have two Lati Yellows at home and two on their way. Not to mention that I have one LittleFee and wish for at least one more (Chapter 2: Siblings). Luckily they haven’t yet demanded a parent to look after them, and I suspect it’s because they want to be less supervised which in turn will make it easier to make trouble. Actually, maybe parent dolls aren’t exactly the worst of ideas…
Then it means the other way ’round of Chapter 1: Children – you have to find the sculpt that looks like it might have produced your smaller doll. And you have to find the right skintone and size. Or cut corners and simply get the kid a pair of adoptive parents! That could also explain why the sister or brother actually doesn’t look much your doll…

Chapter 6: Pets
My girls are all asking for pets. Rain would like at least one Welsh Corgi, preferably two, for her and her sister. My Lati Yellows wish for various pets like dragons, birds and a seal. I don’t know how I will ever fulfill all their wishes, but I suspect Aileen Doll might make a pretty buck there. If I get enough money and they drastically improve their service, that is… And then those pets will be asking for stuff, and and and… I see an endless cycle here!

I hope you’ll want to share your experiences with dolls and characters multiplying when you’re not looking!


3 thoughts on “How characters multiply – part 2

  1. I can relate so well to these two posts. 🙂 My characters mutiply by the second, or at least it feels like it.
    But what do you mean by “they drastically improve their service, that is”? Have Aileen Doll had any problems?

    • Oh yes, they had a gigantic pile of problems a few months ago. Dolls not getting shipped at all (one girl had ordered a dragon, it never got to her, then they pushed her to the end of the line for a new one…took almost a year to get it!), dragons not being sealed after paint which resulted in multiple problems like it coming off very quickly in the joints, and dragons coming to their new home with the black paint from claws rubbed off on the belly, etc. :S

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