When companies make incomprehensible news posts…

I don’t know about other companies, but Lati seems to have a magic touch when it comes to making news posts into complete gibberish. Case in point:

Notice for the delivery starting of Batch

Greetings from Lati!

Finally we are going to start our delivery of Batch for you!!
It starts on 27th May 2013.

However Russian region’s delivery seems to be need at least 20 days more
than usual delivery due to post office’s circumantances.

Please understand this.

Thank you for your supporting Lati as always.
Have a good day!


Batch??? There are speculations voiced that they might mean bats, but…how did they get from bats to batch? Not words with even remotely similar meanings.

Of course, it makes me hope that my girls will be home soon. (Yes. I had a completely OMG moment when I read it.) But I also know that I should not start hoping. Plus I hadn’t expected to see the girls until fall, so I don’t have ANYTHING for them… Oh well, just going to wait and see. They have been very secretive about their hair colors, so it might be difficult for me to find the right colors and styles. I’m currently loving Nova’s hair though – not so many flyaways as with Siria’s straight hair! So maybe something short…and possibly London might be a dark red head? I don’t know. Only time will tell!

Any other companies that enjoy posting gibberish for their customers to sort some meaning from?


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