My girls

It’s no secret that I love reading blogs. If held up at gun point I’d probably admit that I enjoy reading blogs more than I enjoy writing blog posts (although I find rambling here to be quite amusing!). You can find some links to some of my favorite blogs in the bar on the right. There are some missing that simply don’t provide links for linking back, but that’s how it goes… (I should probably make my own badge for linking back…although I’m not sure anybody would want to link back to me?)

When I read blog posts I tend to get good ideas – I believe everybody does? So when I was reading The Dollhouse Time Machine by Xhanthi, I figured that it might be a good idea to actually start tagging my posts with the names of my girls now instead of having to go back half a year from now or later and tag the appropriate posts. *shudder* (Also, how adorable is Twig?)

So when I was done with that, I figured that I should probably also make a nifty page with my girls and links to their tags and Flickr sets. Except I’m not awesome with graphics like Xhanthi, so instead of my links being beautiful pictures, they’re just a bunch of text. Oh well! Some day I might develop mad Photoshop skills and learn all these things…

Here is the page anyway: My girls. Yes, let’s face it, I only own girls. I probably will own girls only for quite a while still, and even when that changes, I will still be very likely to call my little resin family ‘my girls’ still. I’m forgetful and a bad dolly mommy like that.


What do you think?

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