A goodbye…and hopefully a hello!

True to form it’s been a while since I last blogged – exams, a funeral, planning of my wedding and life in general has a way of getting in the way of me writing here! But now I’m back and will try to keep up again.

Picture belongs to Fairyland

As most people know by now (news get old fast in the doll hobby!) Fairyland released tan and a la carte LittleFees for a limited time. While I earlier had been looking at the new Luts Zuzu Delfs and sighing with love for Nine Tails, I just did not have the funds. I discussed selling Molly (my MiniFee Chloe) to raise money, but I was simply not charmed sufficiently to give up my dream of some day bonding with Molly. Then Fairyland released said tan LittleFees, and Rain happily screamed in my ear that did she mention that Kiri was tan? Gah. So yes, hopefully I will manage to sell Molly (preferably within Denmark) and raise the necessary funds to bring home Kiri, a tan LittleFee Leah.

It’s tough for me to even contemplate selling her, but reality is that MiniFee is too big a size for me. I consider Cassie, my Momo29, to be the biggest I want to go. I hope to bring home a MiniFee again some day, but for now I’ll be splitting her clothes in piles: One that Cassie can fit and one that is too big. The latter will be sold to raise funds for wigs and shoes for my bat children and basically everything for Kiri and Rain.


2 thoughts on “A goodbye…and hopefully a hello!

  1. I hope you’ll find a buyer for your Chloe soon. 🙂 Chloe is a popular sculpt though, so you shouldn’t have a problem.
    I hope you’ll be able to get a Leah in tan. Leah is on my wishlist too, but in white skin. 🙂

    • I actually already did, haha. 😀 So that was really nice. n_n
      I surely will get my hands on my tan Leah…I’m very persistent! 😀

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