Kiri is coming home!

Image from Fairyland

So, I just ordered my LittleFee Leah in tan! I also got her two pairs of hands, and she will come with her sleeping plate. I decided to get the tan faceplate because I might never get the chance again, or they might change the tan or or or…

Though looking at how cute she is in normal skin, I start regretting my decision a bit…hm… I hope she will be even cuter in tan, but because Fairyland only released pictures of Jack and Madeleine in tan, it’s a bit hard to picture. Someone was nice enough to photoshop the blank faceplates into tan, but it’s still not really the same, especially because we don’t know if they’ll still do the same faceup. (And ironically they never released pictures of Jack and Madeleine in normal skin either, so some people are having the reverse problem!) And the thing is that if I change my mind, I can always sell the tan Leah and reshell Kiri into a normal skin version, but I likely won’t be able to get my hands on a tan Leah later, unless they’re a big bunch of errors and problems… Let’s not think too hard on that!

Despite all I’m still super excited to get Kiri home, and at this point I suspect she might even beat Rain here, since Rain is part of a group order with lots of other sizes like MiniFee, and Fairyland is behind on their MiniFee production.


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