Written prompts

I’ve decided to do some written BJD prompts, inspired by Café Amaretto, a new blog I recently started following. I tracked down the semi-full list of prompts by BJD Addicts here, and it also appears as if they’re YouTube videos? But since the list was by no means complete, and there were some I didn’t feel like doing or that were repeated, I made my own list.

I hope that some other people will also be doing this! If you don’t have a blog, a Flickr or somewhere else you feel like posting it, you’re very welcome to post your own answer in my comments whenever I do one of them! 🙂 Otherwise I’d love to get a link to read your answers, I think these sorts of things can be really amusing.

Lily’s written BJD prompts

#1: The wait
What are some things you do while you wait for your doll or doll things to come in?

#2: Dream dolls
If money wasn’t an issue, what would be your dream doll to have and why?

#3: Fantasy dolls
What fantasy creature would you like to see as a BJD?

#4: Favorite brand/store
What is your favorite place to buy BJDs? Is it a certain brand’s website? Or is it a retailer like Denver Doll Emporium?

#5: Dolls in public
Would you, or do you ever take your dolls out into public? If you do, where do you like to go?

#6: Handmade VS buying
Do you prefer to buy your dolls things? Or make them?

#7: Faceups
Do you prefer factory or custom faceups? Do you do your own doll’s faceup?

#8: Names
How do you choose your names for your dolls?

#9: Doll sizes
Is there a particular size that you cling to? Which one and why?

#10: Are dolls scary?
Have you ever had people tell you that they are creepy? Have you ever been creeped out?

#11: How many?
How many dolls do you own? Do you have a max limit (or have you already exceeded this)?

#12: Unfortunate buys
Have you ever ordered something and it either didn’t fit or just wasn’t what you expected?

#13: Bonding
How do you bond with your dolls? Do you bond at all or do you just marvel at their beauty?

#14: Selling dolls
Would you ever sell one of your BJDs?

#15: Skin tone
Do you own dolls with different skin tones?

#16: Friends with dolls
Do you have any friends with BJDs? Have you managed to “convert” anyone?

#17: Favorite eyes
What are your favorite types of eyes?

#18: Style
A lot of dolls have a specific style in which they are dressed. What style you like to dress your dolls in, and do they ever change styles?

#19: Pretty VS poseable
In this hobby you sometimes have to compromise. When it comes to your dolls, do you go for pretty or poseable?

#20: Hiding
Do you hide things in your doll’s head or body?


4 thoughts on “Written prompts

  1. Hello there, you have a very lovely sweet space here. I like how you decided to make your own questions….so very interesting. Have a beautiful mid-week and love to you!

  2. tjassi says:

    I’ve seen a lot of those BJD prompts on Youtube, but never dared to participate since it was videos. I never thought about doing them in written form. xD I think I might do it sometime!

    • Yeah, I’m not much for those videos either…I hate my own voice! 😛 But the written ones are actually quite amusing! You should try them out!

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