#1: The wait

What are some things you do while you wait for your doll or doll things to come in?

People who know me even a little bit, will also know that patience isn’t one of my virtues. But when it comes to dolls I’m trying my hardest to be very patient. Even when I collected Pullips, the wait was hard, and those are the closest to instant gratification you get in this hobby (they’ve already been made when you order them).

Dream Selfy - KiriThe uncertainty makes it harder for me though. I respond well to having a limit and knowing when my doll will ship. Lati Doll is especially bad at this – they give points for the dolls being shipped later than the 60 day mark, but I’d honestly rather have a realistic idea of the shipping date. Fairyland is better at sticking to the approximate number of days.

So what do I do while waiting? I like to window shop. A lot. I have long conversations with the character inside my head to figure out what she likes to wear. Then it frustrates me to no end when I can’t find anything suitable!  I like to have at least one outfit and one wig ready for the doll when she arrives. I hate having a naked or hairless doll for weeks, because that’s often how long it takes for clothes and a wig to arrive. I can’t take any good pictures of a doll that lacks clothes or hair!

I don’t usually like using doll makers, but having been pointed to Dream Selfy several times, I tried it out. My reason for finally trying it out was my trouble figuring out Kiri’s personal style. And of course, I had great fun! I really like using doll makers in general and am a happy member of Subeta, but I find that it’s hard to replicate the look I get from the doll maker with actual clothes. But Kiri was resisting all and any attempts of getting to know her hair style, hair color and preferred style. Turns out I was too sure that she would dress far more mature than her sister, Rain. In reality she has a far more romantic style and would like to go barefoot and preferably wear something with flowers!

So, what do you like to do while waiting?


5 thoughts on “#1: The wait

  1. If you hadn’t already noticed, I’m addicted to doll makers. XD I can’t stop making my ALL my characters, whenever I find a new one.

    I’m also the windows shopping type. Or maybe just the “spend all the money” type. But because I usually use layaway, I often have plenty of time to buy clothes and stuff for them. It’s one of those things I’m trying to change though. I’ll rather save up.

    • Haha, yes I noticed! xD I’m impressed that you have the energy to make all your characters every time… I end up making new ones!

      I’m really stingy, so I don’t buy too much these days…especially seeing as I often end up using the same outfit a lot!

      • It’s almost embarrassing how addicted I am. 😛 I just love seeing my characters made into something, even if it’s just in a doll maker.

        I wish, I was a little more picky sometimes. I love my stuff, but I can’t keep buying. Someday I won’t have room for more! I think in my doll family, some of the dolls wear the same outfit all the time, while other change around quite a bit.

  2. Hehehe, I make Selfies all the time for my dolls (I even have a whole page of them saved here: http://majokkoshop.blogspot.com/p/meet-everyone-else.html ) … they’re just too cute and I have trouble stopping once I start making them!! LOL!

    Also! I’d love to exchange links with you! I already added your link to my two doll blogs:
    http://majokkoshop.blogspot.com (under the links tab… also, I’m having a giveaway there!)
    http://travelingtwig.blogspot.com (in the sidebar) 🙂

    • Big respect for you, I gave up after making Kiri, haha! I was feeling all like “Yeah, that was fun…now, let’s do something else!”. 😀 I don’t think I could’ve made all my dolls! (I might attempt it if I get mightily bored, though.)

      That is so awesome! *thrilled* You’re the first person to actually ask ME if I want to trade links… And of course I do! Both links are up now!
      Also, a giveaway? That’s pretty awesome. :O 100 followers is quite impressive!

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