#3: Fantasy dolls

What fantasy creature would you like to see as a BJD?

Lati Yellow Sheep Lumi

My first thought was: “Good thing it has to be fantasy, else I would’ve picked a sheep…again…” I have a serious addiction to sheep BJDs, even if I don’t actually own one. I plot to get a sheep BJD even though it’s starting to be done too often. I’ve often considered not getting sheep legs for Emmelie, since she is actually supposed to be a springbok, and just make a completely unrelated sheep character-thing. Mmmm, sheep…

When it comes to fantasy, I really like dragons. If you have a book with a dragon character, I’ve very likely read it. And even though it’s been done over and over again, I really only like Aileen Doll’s dragons. And I still dream that another company will at some point manage to make some more dragons – both the animal form of them but also anthromorphic versions.

If I have to try and be creative, I’d really like to see a sort of peacock or phoenix anthromorphic doll. I have no clue as to how it would be done, but I’ve been surprised before by the different companies’ creativity. Probably a doll like this already exists! I just haven’t seen it, haha.

So, do you have a preferred fantasy creature you’d absolutely love to see turned into a doll?


2 thoughts on “#3: Fantasy dolls

  1. I like dragons too! Dragons are cool. 8D

    I want a Griffin so badly! I’m still working out how to shell my Griffin character, and someday I will get him! One way or another. 😛

    • Yeah, I considered putting griffin as my answer, but since I’ve heard you rambling happily about that before, it didn’t feel original!

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