#4: Favorite brand/store

What is your favorite place to buy BJDs? Is it a certain brand’s website? Or is it a retailer like Denver Doll Emporium?

Personally, I prefer buying BJDs from the brand’s own website, and I’ve done so with most of my dolls – in fact Siria is my only remaining second hand doll. I really enjoy getting the doll as the first owner, however strange that sounds…

I could probably buy through a retailer (Think Pink is the most well-known BJD retailer), but I prefer taking the chance with getting the doll directly from the brand’s own website. If I’m lucky, it might slip through customs completely unnoticed or at least at a lower value, in which case I save money. If I end up paying full custom fee, it would have been a better choice to buy through a retailer.

As for favorite places, I really like Lati Yellows and Fairyland dolls, so that’s where I do almost all my buying! I also have a Momo29 from Momocolor (my Cassie), but she’s the odd one around here. Other than that I own 2 Lati Yellows and have 2 more on the way. I have a LittleFee faceplate and a whole LittleFee on their way too, and I’ve owned a MiniFee. So yes, I love specific brands of dolls and tend to stick with what I really like and know!

What is your favorite place to buy BJDs?


4 thoughts on “#4: Favorite brand/store

  1. Good choices. 🙂 I like Fairyland too, but sadly, they can be a bit slow. Understandable considering how many orders they get though.

    I have bought the most dolls from SOOM, but I don’t know, if I prefer them. Most of my dolls are secondhand to be honest. 😛 I did order from Iplehouse once and had a great experience. I paid on layaway, and they shipped the day after I sent the last payment. Napidoll takes an awful long time to ship, but their dolls are to die for.

    • I’m mostly used to Lati shipping times, and compared to those Fairyland is fairly quick and good at sticking to promised shipping days! 😉

      Secondhand is better when it comes to shipping times, haha. No waiting for them to be cast! Yes, I’ve heard good things about Iplehouse, but don’t know Napidoll too well honestly… n_n

      • Haha, Lat is even worse? Luckily I don’t plan on any Latis just yet. 😛

        I love shopping secondhand. Especially, if you can find stuff in Europe!
        I have too many Iplehouse dolls on my wishlist. I adore them.
        Napidoll have such beautifull dolls, but they’re very small and that’s probably why it takes a long time for them to ship. Right now I’m in a GO on DoA for a wig from them and we’ve waited around 60 business days now. I don’t mind it though. It’s worth the wait. 😀

        • Yeah, they say “60 days” and you should be prepared to wait at least 80. Business days that is!

          Yeah, I love stuff in Europe! It’s just so rare, or maybe I’m looking in the wrong places?
          Wow, 60 days for a wig? That’s insane! X_X But if it’s worth it, then it seems we’ll suffer the wait forever! 😉

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