Lati Yellow Latiuros-Kenta (ver. Noa)

Lati Centaur

Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate how pretty he is. Or she, perhaps.
Okay, let’s take a moment…

Have you sucked in all the beauty yet? I haven’t. And I’ve spent quite a few moments looking. Yes, I wish it would be another sculpt than Noa (preferably Sunny or Lami or just any other sculpt that I don’t own yet). But somehow it all seems to fade away. This is a different Noa than Poe, my bat girl Noa. A very different Noa.

Back to the topic of gender: Lati doesn’t seem to care much for the gender of their dolls and they all regularly appear as both boys and girls. This one has a definite boy-vibe, but he’d likely be turned into a she if he was to live with me…

The other Lati addicts on DoA express mainly that they’re not smitten at all and have named this a corgi-taur because of the short legs! But it happens to be that I love corgis, so I don’t mind the comparison! I need to bring this sweetheart home. To do this I’ll have to sell someone, and I’m starting with Siria – my Lati Yellow Grown up Laches Prayer of Angel ver. So if anybody is looking to own a very rare Lati, let me know. I’m also considering selling Cassie’s current shell – the Momo29 – and reshelling her as something else – possibly a LittleFee. I just don’t feel up to fixing her posing, but she’s a gorgeous doll with such a beautiful mature shape. But reality is that out of the two I’d probably rather see Cassie’s shell go to be quite honest, since I’m quite attached to Siria. I don’t know. Decisions, decisions…


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