#5: Dolls in public

Would you, or do you ever take your dolls out into public? If you do, where do you like to go?

Well, it really depends on what is meant by public. Since my girls are tinies, I don’t need to carry them around on my arm but will carry them in my purse instead. But at doll meets we usually meet up in the basement of a coffee place to scare all the normies and their kids (seriously – we’ve seen kids coming down the stairs and stop with horrified expressions on their faces when they spot us, then run back up to their moms!). We’ve been taken pictures off by a curious journalist possibly eying a story and a waitress who wanted to show our dolls to her dad at the meets I’ve been to. Of course we’ve also been randomly stared at.

I’ve walked through the local supermarket with a friend carrying 2 big doll bags and a SD doll who was riding cowboy style on one of the bags! I’ve also walked through the neighbourhood and local forest with a MiniFee on my arm, and I like to roam the area where my parents-in-law lives with a Lati in my hand, because that area has some seriously nice places to take photos. Of course I also bring my fiancé to carry around the photo gear, and he always ends up taking pictures of that stupid bridge… (That’d be Storebæltsbroen for you Danish folks.)

For me it’s a matter of getting used to people staring (and sometimes even pointing) at me. I’m more comfortable when walking with someone carrying a doll than when I’m the one carrying a doll. It’s not less embarrassing, but I’m really happy with my Danish dolly friends, so it feels very different. When I’m alone I usually bring my fiancé too, and I can just feel his embarrassment. I feel sort of sad for him which doesn’t really help. He’s learning to be okay with it though, and so am I. I’ve always been the weird one so it’s a bit of a challenge for me to purposely choose to draw the sort of attention to myself that carrying around dolls does.

Do you feel embarrassed to carry your dolls around? Why/why not? Have you always felt like the weird one, or are you a queen bee of the popular kids?


2 thoughts on “#5: Dolls in public

  1. I know what you mean. I don’t like carrying a doll by myself either. If I have a friend with me I couldn’t care less.
    I’ve always been a special case of weirdness. Some of it is my personality and some of it is because of my schizophrenia, so I’m used to people staring or even being obviously rude to me. Sometimes I’m all confident and like “I don’t give a f*** what you think of me” and other times I feel like wanting to disappear into a hole. I guess, I haven’t gotten used to people staring at my doll in public enough yet.

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