#6: Handmade VS buying

Do you prefer to buy your dolls things? Or make them?

Well, this was a very easy one to answer: I prefer to buy.

I do not have a single creative fiber in my body (unless you count photography which I like to pretend that I’m decent at!), which is very strange since my mother is probably the most creative person I know. No project is too big, too small, too complicated or too weird for her to try. I wish I was much more like her, but I’m not… So I buy the outfits, shoes, accessories and random stuff for my girls. I tend to glue my fingers together, get more paint on my clothes than on my canvas,  and make clay figures that look mostly like scary blobs. When I draw, it’s stick figures.

But a big part of my joy with dolls is looking at the awesome things that other people can create. I marvel at gorgeous faceups, elaborate outfits and the most perfect of scenes. It scares me though. Sometimes I feel like other collectors must look down on me because I cannot create beautiful things for my dolls. Those are the times that I need to remind myself that our hobby is what we make it!

So do you unleash your inner creator, or do you tend to glue yourself to the creation like me?


2 thoughts on “#6: Handmade VS buying

  1. Haha, I’m completely bad at doing creative stuff too. Everything I try fail. 😛 I’m never gonna learn to do face-ups, but I hope I’ll learn to sew a little sooner or later. 😀

    • Haha, at least I’m not completely alone then! 😉 I won’t even think about doing faceups…unless people start craving stick figures on dolly faces!

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