#7: Faceups

Do you prefer factory or custom faceups? Do you do your own doll’s faceup?

First of all, no I don’t do my own faceups. This ties nicely in with written prompt #6 where I mentioned that unless stick figure faceups become the new thing, I’m very unlikely to ever start doing faceups… But if you ever want a princess stick figure on your doll, I’m your girl!

As to preferring factory or custom faceups, that’s a tricky one… Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love most custom faceups. I also absolutely hate parting with my new doll to let her face be sent out to somewhere scary where she may never return from. I also hate the extra wait and the cost of shipping the face back and forth. Plus I only feel like using European faceup artists, since I don’t feel like paying customs again for a doll I already paid customs for… So for me it’s currently only factory faceups. I tend to pick dolls where I love (or at least like) the factory faceup. I have plans to ship out faces again someday, but right now my girls are coming home with factory faceups and keeping them.

So do you prefer the beautiful faceups that companies produce, or do you feel like the doll will only be yours if it has a different faceup perfectly fitted to the character?


6 thoughts on “#7: Faceups

  1. As a Dane I feel you about custom fees. That’s also why I prefer European artists, but they’re not always what I’m looking for. 😦
    So I have two slots with Cats10 from Canada this month.
    But I also try and look for European ones, when possible.
    I’m also a huge fan of company face-ups though. I’m of the opinion, that if the face-up is at least okay, then why not go for it? It’s not like you need to keep it forever. You can always change it later on.
    So I’m a mix. 😛

    • I’m looking forwards to seeing some of your new faces, you’ll post them on your blog when they return, right? 🙂

      Exactly, if I some day find myself thinking that one of my factory girls need a new faceup, she’ll get it – it’s not like skintone which is pretty hard to change. 😉

      • Sure. 🙂 And I’ll post Estelle in both old and new shell, just for the heck of it.
        Hopefully Estelle’s body will be home, when she’s back from face-up.

        It would be so interesting to be able to change skin color for real and not just by blushing it!

  2. I actually like both factory and custom faceup. 🙂 I send one of my girls out for our first spa adventure and it’s very exciting for me. I do dislike sending her out all alone but i guess it’s worth it. 🙂 Have a beautiful friday and a wonderful weekend! Love to you!

    • It usually IS worth it, but it also scares me a lot! What if they never return? (That’s probably not something I should tell someone who just sent out a doll for the first time, haha… 😉 )
      Love to you too!

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