#8: Names

How do you choose your names for your dolls?

Ohhh, now this is an interesting one! (At least in my world.)

I love names. I think that names can actually tell you a lot about a person – or at least who this person’s parents hoped the person would turn out to be. I have some favorite names that I’ve never actually used but am saving in case a little one should ever show up. You know the type, they’re tiny, pink-ish and not made of resin? I’m not much the motherly type, but hope that if I do actually decide to have a child, I will either have a girl or possibly twin girls. A boy and a girl twins would be alright too. I’m not much of a boy person, and though my nephew and I have come to love each other very much (well, I’ve loved him since the day he was born and feel very protective when it comes to my nephew and nieces), he can definitely sense that I feel awkward playing these wild monkey games.

Kiri – the kiwi by a Subeta user

Aaalright, getting back on track! I love picking out names. Sometimes a name in itself can spark a character inside my head. Sometimes I spend weeks without really knowing what a character wants to be named. Kiri for example was nameless for quite a while! Then I got on Subeta and saw my pet Kiri sitting there, and a light-bulb turned on inside my head. (And the character Kiri was actually a kiwi bird…) Rain‘s name on the other hand I don’t like as much, but she basically sat down, crossed her arms and firmly told me that it was her name. She’s really not the feisty type usually, so I gave up – I knew I wasn’t going to win that fight. In my head Rain is still the name of a person who has her own kiln, wears dresses made out of wheat, and sells homemade soap (as aptly described by Ross Geller and Phoebe Buffay in Friends!)… Nova is one of my characters who only go by a nickname. Her actual name is Katharina, which her mother calls her, but her dad nicknamed her Nova. She is referred to by Cassie as ‘Nova Starborn’, but that’s another story… Cassiopeia and I struggled for quite a while over her name. There’s a (beautiful and amazing) LittleFee who quite often appears in the Littlefee thread named Cassiopeia, and I hated using the same name. It felt like I was ripping her off, even though that was not where I got the name. In the end Cassie won, though (obviously).

Many of my characters also have more than one name. Rain has a grand amount of 4 (yes, four) names. That’s a long story. Most of the others are Elves or other magical creatures living in the human world and as such they have to move around quite a bit so people won’t start questioning the fact that they aren’t aging. They have to change names every time to disguise themselves – especially now with the internet and all. At this point Siria and London are the only ones with just the one name, and they are still kids and live at home in the Elvish world. Nova is a nickname for Katharina, and Poe is a nickname for Paris.

So, do you go crazy when it comes to names, too? Or do you not put that much meaning into them? Or do you simply call your dolls by their company names?


6 thoughts on “#8: Names

  1. Oh, names. I do think about names a lot, but I’m also a believer in that names shouldn’t always match the personality.
    Sometimes it match in real life, sometimes it don’t. And I feel it should be like that in fiction (and my dolly family) too. I have Scarlet, who is one step away from being a sociopath. I think I chose a name that fitted her nicely. Also she has deep red hair. But to be fair, she wasn’t given a name until she was maybe 5 years old, so I think it could make sense, why someone would choose the name.
    But then I have Gerda. A name mostly used by elder ladies. My Gerda is a 16 year old girl full of energy. So not much of a match. 😛

    • I love the name Scarlet! I also really love the name Gerda and in my mind your doll has actually rejuvenated the name…I think it can be quite the nice name for a teen!

  2. Names are really interesting but i usually love to keep the original name for most of my dolls..unless there is a twins and i will find a suitable name for the other girl. I have a special name i am keeping for my real little girl too. 🙂 Have a beautiful monday and a lovely week! Love to yoU!

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