#10: Are dolls scary?

Have you ever had people tell you that they are creepy? Have you ever been creeped out?

My significant other finds a lot of dolls to be rather creepy – that’s why I show him dolls before I even start dreaming of owning them. I don’t want to bring dolls into the house that he finds genuinely creepy, because I’d hate if he started bringing pet spiders home. It’s all a matter of respecting the other person’s boundaries.

I’ve never had anybody tell me that my dolls are creepy, though. That’s probably mostly because I don’t really share my hobby with any outsiders, and BJD people are less likely to be vocal about their being creeped out by other people’s dolls. We’re just polite that way. (Actually, I think some BJD people voiced that my Pullips were creepy? But I also used to find Blythes creepy. So I never really took it as offensive.)

Have I ever been creeped out? Heck yeah! Some of these dolls made to look like real babies really scare me. Well, babies in general scare me, but the dolls are just creepily realistic. Wax dolls like those in Madame Tussauds really freak me out too. They just stand there looking like real people but with dead eyes. BJDs have more life in their eyes than wax dolls!

Plus a friend of mine posted this in a BJD group on Facebook recently. *points to the left* I don’t know where she has it from, but that empty stare haunts me in my sleep. Pretty glad I don’t have to live with that!

So yeah. Dead eyes scare me. (And it’s supposedly some sort of natural reflex, because dead, staring eyes in a real living person means they might be insane and hurt you. Like that doll, when it comes to life on Halloween.)

Are you also creeped out by specific types of dolls like wax dolls, or are you just an all around doll lover nomatter form or type?


6 thoughts on “#10: Are dolls scary?

  1. I’m the weird kind of person, who normally don’t get creeped out by any kinds of dolls, even though BJDs are the only kind I have an interest in. What creeps me out, is when people go on about how their dolls have “souls” and have moved on their own. >_>

    • Oh yeah, that’s a classic. 😀 I sort of like thinking that living things have a sort of soul (like trees and stuff), but dolls? Meh. Maybe? We put so much energy into them that people like to think that they sort of develop a soul.

        • Much like I’m okay with the door maybe not being locked during the day, but at night I will get up to just check that it for sure is locked, because maybe the lock didn’t work? 😀

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