Lati centaur

Lati CentaurI should probably make it official here on my blog for all the world to see: Thursday evening I finally got the okay from my fiancé to purchase Lati Centaur Noa (also nicknamed ‘corgitaur’ due to the short legs). I must admit I’m pretty thrilled and relieved! Thursday was the 18th, which was the supposedly last day to order the Sacred Goblet of Olympos. Of  course it’s still open as I’m typing, but I was worried that Lati would act unusually and close at the announced time.

I still have to sell Cassie’s current shell, my Momocolor Lucy, but that’s alright. I didn’t try to explain the idea of reshelling to my fiancé who has a hard enough time dealing with the fact that my dolls have personalities, haha. So if you know someone who’s looking for a Momocolor Lucy in tan, point them towards me!

Anyway, I’m currently trying to decide whether to change my order to normal skin. It was only possible to order a tan skin centaur, so it should be fairly easy to explain to Lati if I want to switch. Or so I hope. They’re far from started on my order (please ship London and Poe soon, Lati!), so I hope they won’t make too big a fuss about it… Lati (as usual) hasn’t released pictures of the dolls, and there obviously hasn’t been enough pressure (due to lack of interest in the centaurs as a whole) to make them release pictures of the centaur in normal skin. There hasn’t been any customer made mockups either – at least not to my knowledge. It was really unfortunate for Lati that Luts decided to put out teasers of a babytaur of their own (another teaser) at the same time that Lati released their centaur. Plus it seems the interest in centaurs is pretty much dying down… (But seriously, who doesn’t want a tiny centaur? They were a dream I thought would never come true!)

I’ve tried making a mockup of the skin color myself, but it made my fiancé snort with laughter. It was…well, ridiculous! So I’m hoping that somebody on Tumblr or one of my dear readers would try their hand at it? It would be so appreciated! I’d happily provide basically everything you need…well, except for Photoshop.


8 thoughts on “Lati centaur

  1. Congratz on your new girl! She is gonna be so adorable. 🙂 I hope you are able to change the skin tone to one you adore. Have a beautiful sunday and love to you!

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