#11: How many?

How many dolls do you own? Do you have a max limit (or have you already exceeded this)?

Own? Well, I’ve got 3 full dolls at home (out of which 2 are for sale) plus 1 body… (Technically Molly is here, too, but she has already been sold!) And I’ve got 2 faceplates and a full LittleFee coming in and 3 Latis coming in… So I guess I’ll have like 6 dolls and 1 faceplate to stay and 2 dolls for sale? I need to stop making my dolly collection so complicated!

Hopefully I can sell off Cassie’s current Momocolor shell soon plus maybe Siria… I feel like 4 Latis are quite enough to form a Lati army! (Unless they release a pink Lati. I would need that.) Then I’ll need to reshell Cassie (maybe LittleFee Chloe?) and get a body for the extra faceplate (LittleFee Juri 13) plus maybe an extra LittleFee character I have been trying to work with. But the reshelling, the extra body and the extra LittleFee are all something that will come at a later point, since I don’t have the funds right now. Crossing my fingers for a job to open up soon!

So I guess my max limit currently is at 10 dolls or so? I don’t like to set a limit, because I know a lot of people set a limit and then feel bad for breaking it. On the other hand I don’t want too big a collection, since I don’t feel like I’ll have the time for my dolls then.

How many dolls do you have? Is your collection as chaotic as mine? Do you like to keep a limit?


8 thoughts on “#11: How many?

  1. I’ve never bothered with setting a limit. 😛 I know I’m gonna break it anyway.
    But somehow it feels like whenever I hit 10 dolls, something happen that’ll make me sell some.
    Right now I’m at 7 full dolls (counting incoming ones) and 4 heads, so I’m dangerously close to 10 again. I wonder if something will happen? 😛

  2. Oh my, what kind of dolls are we talking about here?
    Dollfie Dreams: 10 with 3 on the way **cringe**
    Pure Neemos: 20+ **doublecringe**
    Barbie: Oh heck, let’s just not even count anymore.

    • That sounds like quite the impressive collection! But I sort of get the cringe-feeling, haha. 😀 I get it already when I think of the amount of dolls I’ve got coming!

  3. Oh my gosh, I’ve had three different limits now myself and I have broken every single one of them. First it was only two dolls; one male, one female, then it was seven because I liked the number seven, then it was thirteen because I liked that number too and it was still an odd number (I have a thing for odd numbers) and then after that I stopped trying to set limits.

    I’m at …ahem ….18 dolls right now. Am thinking about selling one or two at some stage … maybe … I don’t know.

    It sounds like a lot but they kind of all fit into one display cabinet so that doesn’t make me feel quite so bad. Although I try to cull … problem is I always end up replacing the culled dolls so the number never actually decreases.

    • See, that’s why I don’t set limits! I’m bad at sticking to them, haha. 😀 (Both 7 and 13 are lovely numbers, I’m with you there. Getting married 7-9-13. :D) Well, as long as they’re not taking up the entire home, I think I’d feel comfortable with 18 or 20, too. Which sizes do you have?

      • Congratulations! Hope the wedding turns out wonderfully. It’s strange but with weddings, you do all this planning, months and months of stress and it’s over in a few hours. Mine was a bit like that. By the end of it, I was ready to drop and have a good night sleep!

        My smallest are 9cm and my tallest is 70cm and I also have the 40-45cm sizes. So I guess you could say I have all sizes mostly. The only size I don’t have right now is the Yo-SD size. I did at one point but I sold the doll on. I am still debating whether I want to add that size to my collection or not. And this from someone who swore she’d never ever get into dolls smaller than the 60cm sizes. How things change.

        • Yes, I hear it’s like that, haha. I’m at this point quite stressed, but also trying to stay excited. It helps when I do stuff like try on my wedding dress. 🙂

          Oh, you have a very varied collection, then! Hope to see more of it, since I’ve just started following your blog. n_n Oh, I think YoSD and Lati Yellow are the best sizes. I tried PukiPuki (11 cm), but they were too small for me… But they fit so wonderfully in doll houses! Haha, I swear that I won’t ever do bigger than MSD, so I’m wondering if that’ll change some day?

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