#12: Unfortunate buys

Have you ever ordered something and it either didn’t fit or just wasn’t what you expected?

Does a MiniFee count? In all seriousness, I bought so much stuff for Molly, my MiniFee Chloe. I got her many hands, a pair of heeled feet, a custom face-up, tons of clothing and shoes (especially the shoes were hard to obtain)…only to realise that I had no clue what to do with such a big doll. I didn’t feel like bringing her anywhere. I didn’t feel like photographing her in my apartment. I never brought her to a single meet. The list goes on… She has now been sold and is in her box in my closet waiting to be shipped to her new owner alongside with a huge chunk of her clothing.

To this day I still hate myself for spending so much money on her and on stuff for her, and it has made me vary of purchasing too many things for a doll until it is here, and I know that it’ll stay. I have purchased 1 kimono for Rain and no shoes. (Which reminds me of that Taobao order I still need to do…) I have ordered a dress for Kiri from one of my very talented friends here in Denmark, Delusions-in-glass/Noam. He did the most amazing dress for his boy, Liam, which prompted me to ask if he’d take a commission from me with a pretty big amount of freedom. He agreed, and I’ve seen some pretty nice sketches so far…now he just needs to get a big amount of flowers home, haha!

As for clothes and items for dolls I’ve mainly been happy with what I’ve gotten for all my girls. I tend to be very picky, but the result is a small amount of very nice clothes – I have been very lucky with that!

So, have you have big regrets like me, or has your unfortunate buys been smaller things? Or have you had no unfortunate buys?


10 thoughts on “#12: Unfortunate buys

  1. I used to do that too; buy a heap of stuff before the doll got here and then regret it because I decided I didn’t like the doll after all. These days, I wait until the doll gets here. Mostly because it’s so hard to move clothing items on the MP. I do have to admit that I am lucky in that those clothes I reused for another doll that is here so it worked out in the end.

    Unfortunate buy was my first doll and to this day I still do not know if the company actually gave me the right sculpt. It was a shame because his body was gorgeous at posing. I tried to make him work for two years and gave up.

    But to be fair, I was a right old noob at the time and I didn’t know you could research owner photos of the sculpt in question first before purchasing. I found that out a bit later. I doubt I would have found many anyway. Back then, the company wasn’t really well known and the sculpts weren’t that popular.

    These days, I always make sure I check out owner photos first and see if I can hunt down blank photos of the doll so that I am not buying a doll for the face up but rather the actual sculpt.

    So you could say, it was, all in all, a lesson well learned.

    • Yes, it’s so hard to get them to sell! It really makes me sad that I can’t sell or trade anything these days, because selling doll clothes makes me able to afford new doll clothes!

      Oh, that really sucks! I read about it on your blog, and the worst part is that I don’t doubt that it’s possible that they gave you the wrong sculpt! And researching is awesome, but these days I find that the dolls I want to buy are new ones without any owner pictures around!

      Yes, my lesson was very well-learned, too…I just wish it had been a cheaper one. *sigh*

    • Yeah, I’ve got a Monster High Draculaura lying around as well… Seemed like such a good idea at the time, but I’d really rather play with my BJDs, haha. 🙂

  2. I don’t know, I’ve bought dolls, that’s been sold almost as soon as they arrived, but I don’t regret buying them. I see it as experience and a kind of learning process. I’ve needed to get to know what I actually wanted in this hobby.

    • I just hate how much it usually ends up costing me. *sigh* That’s what I really regret. Because I sort of needed to buy a MiniFee to figure out that I don’t feel like having MiniFees at this point…

      • True, but I rarely think about the money I’ve lost. I guess, I’ve just accepted that this hobby costs money. In the end I got something out of it, even if it was just a clearer idea of what I want my doll family to be. 😛

        • Yeah, I know it’s an expensive hobby, but I’m such a cheapskate, haha! 😀 (Plus I don’t feel like PostDanmark does a good enough job to get that much money from me…)

  3. I’ve had a few unfortunate buys like bodies that posed like shit and dolls that didn’t end up fitting their characters. But just as fushite I see it more as experience. I think the only point were I regret some of those purchases is those damn custom fees. xD

    • Yes, custom fees suck! Especially the Danish ones. u_u Especially because it’s unlikely that you’ll be getting your custom fees covered, when you sell the doll again!

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