Lati Bat Children rant

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a rant: I wish that Lati would get their act together and ship my dolls!

I can deal with waiting for my dolls. My LittleFee Leah (Kiri) in tan should ship the 16th of September. My LittleFee Ante elf faceplate (Rain) should ship around the same time. I can deal with that. What I can’t deal with is Lati’s insane shipping times. I know I get compensated in points (15% at this time), but when they’ve reached the points cap (the aforementioned 15%), they’re no longer in a hurry to ship out our dolls. At this point they might very well start spending a good deal of their work force on the next limited edition dolls. They’ve already started working on the basic dolls.

And it’s not just that it’s taking forever. It’s the fact that I’ll likely be on my honeymoon when they arrive, and then it’ll get stuck in customs for more than a week, which means it’ll return to Lati. And I can’t ask Lati to get the act together and ship my dolls, because that will very likely result in the world’s crappiest face-up.



8 thoughts on “Lati Bat Children rant

  1. I don’t know, if this is a bad idea, but couldn’t you ask Lati to delay shipping for a little while? I know extra waiting sucks, but you’ll end up with extra waiting + having to spend more money the other way 😦

    • Yes, I’ve considered that… But I’ve decided to hope that they ship really really soon! If we get much closer, I’ll have to ask them to delay… 😦

  2. Yeah, asking Lati not to ship until a certain date sounds like a good idea… I would think they would agree, especially if it saves them the trouble of re-shipping.

    Could you also inform the PO that you’ll be gone, and to please hold anything for longer than the standard week?

    • Yep, I’m hoping they’ll think that’s a good idea. Or at least something they’re able to do. Since it doesn’t seem like my girls will be shipping any time soon…

      Yes, but problem is that they’ll almost certainly be held up in customs, and I don’t think our Post Office has any contact with the customs. 😦

  3. When did you order the doll? I have heard about Lati’s crappy shipping. Shame because I looked at their dolls once and was kind of scared off from ever ordering by all the shipping stories I had heard.

    I hope for your sake that they do ship before your honeymoon.

    • The first was ordered the 2nd of March, the second was ordered the 21st of March, and then I combined shipping. But Lati doesn’t start counting days until the ordering period closes, which was shortly after I ordered my second girl, I believe.
      And yes, they have absolutely gorgeous dolls, but their shipping schedule requires a good amount of patience…

      Thank you. 🙂

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