A horrible resin mommy!

Nova has been upset with me for a while – and she’s had good reason to. She’s been in her travel box since the last doll meet I went to. And according to the dates on my photos, she last had a serious photo shoot the 16th of May!

I’ve ignored all my girls far too much, but I feel the worst when I ignore Nova. Her little face makes my heart melt, and I want to carry pictures of her with me everywhere, just so I can enjoy her smile. She’s picky with her smiles, too – I have quite a bunch of pictures of her looking like she’s holding her breath or looking unsatisfied or something else. And then there’s the few elusive pictures of that genuine, adorable smile that makes my heart melt and makes everything okay for a moment.

I do have a bunch of good reasons though. (Not that Nova cares much.) I’m planning a wedding (mine, to be specific) and spent a week with my parents-in-law where I also had to travel around this island in Denmark called Sjælland, where most of my family-in-law lives. Spending time with my nieces and nephew have top priority! (And I have a bunch of great photos of these little stars, so it’s not like I haven’t touched a camera.)

I’ll try to be a better mommy, especially because we’ll hopefully be getting a lot of new family members soon (2 Latis, 2 LittleFees), but Nova definitely isn’t thrilled about having to share the spotlight. What I’m not telling her is that I think she’ll always be my favorite, no matter what. She’s so beautiful!

Maybe I’ll even bring her along on my honeymoon… I’ve considered bringing Rain, my LittleFee Ante elf, but Nova fits better in a suitcase…oh well, we’ll see! Maybe I’ll pack so much stuff that I can’t bring anybody!


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