It feels like I only sit down to blog about bad things these days. But it’s either that or blogging about my wedding! (On a dolly-wedding related noted, I wish I could dress all my girls in either tiny replicas of my wedding gown or possibly of my niece’s dress – she’s a bridesmaid.) All my time these days go into the big box of “Wedding related problems and worries”. And when I finally have a little time, I usually look at other people’s pictures or…well, sleep. I’m tired all the time!

Anyway! The problem today is the fact that I’m moving. We’ll have our new apartment from the 1st of September, and we have to be out of our current apartment by 1st of October. This in itself is not a problem, it’s great! I want to get out of this awful, tiny place. But it poses quite a bit of problems. As in: I’ve ordered dolls from both Fairyland and Lati with my current address, and now it seems that especially the Lati dolls will NOT make it in time. And our wonderful, super-expensive postal service will make sure that all my packages arrive at my old address. They are capable of delivering LETTERS to my new address, but not packages. Hurray for stupid postal services.

So now I’ve asked Lati to change my address on my bat children order. I’ll bet about a million bucks that they either say they can’t, or that they say they will but then don’t. And if the package arrives after 1st of October, it means that anybody with a key to my former mailbox can go get my expensive and very much missed girls. I’m scared shitless. I’m also trying to figure out if I should ask Fairyland to ship to my new address…sigh. It’s just that if they ship really fast and it all goes through without a hitch, I’m guessing there might be a problem when the Danish postal service try to deliver a letter about them holding my doll hostage in customs…

This is absolutely not a fun situation. If Lati hadn’t taken so darn long with my order, this wouldn’t even have been a problem!!!


4 thoughts on “Moving…

  1. Fairyland are pretty good. I am sure they will change your address if you explain the situation to them. I am sure they get a lot of requests when people move etc and it’s to be expected really given the long wait time for dolls. Hopefully, Lati do what you ask. I’ve never dealt with them so I wouldn’t know.

    Fingers crossed that everything is fine for both incoming dolls.

    When you say your postal system won’t send parcels, but can send letters to the new address, is that like a redirect system? We have that here in Australia but we have to pay a fee to redirect our mail from an old address to a new one and you can usually specify a timeframe the postal system has to do that for. I can’t see why parcels can’t be redirected if letters can.

    Do you have post office boxes over there? The other way is to get one (although they usually charge a fee to have one, at least they do here) and get your parcels sent there instead. That way, it just stays at the post office until you can collect it.

    • Yes, I’m not as worried about Fairyland… They’re always easy to deal with, so I don’t feel as concerned for my Fairyland girls.
      You may need to keep those fingers crossed, heh. Lati hasn’t even answered…

      Yep, they redirect letters for 6 months. Packages are apparently too hard to redirect. *rolls eyes*

      Yes, we have postboxes, but they’ll stuff the slip I need to get my package out of the postbox into my old mailbox. They’re really retarded. So I may need to just camp out at the post office when the package arrives, so I can get them to give it to me…

  2. Ah I’m so happy for you! I don’t know what to do about your doll situation though, would forwarding addresses work perhaps? Best of luck to your and your incoming dolls 😦

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