It’s raining dolls

Rain is on her way home! Well, almost at least. I’m working out the last details with the lovely MissFlynn as I type. I can’t believe how excited I get – I’m all tingly in my tummy!

I’ve got a beautiful wa-loli kimono from the talented Keely ready (I’ll do a review with pictures and all when Rain comes home and I get a chance). I’ve got a beautiful Licht wig coming, too (and the review will appear around the same time as the kimono review). All I need is shoes, which will likely take me some time to get… I don’t want to risk any more packages getting lost in the crazy postal system!

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m ready to mention it again: If you want to participate in a GO (group order), you should contact MissFlynn. She has a DoA account, but I prefer to keep an eye on her Tumblr: BJD Group Orders. She’s the nicest person, and she’ll hop on her tongue from USA to whatever doll company you’re ordering from, if that’s what it takes. If you’re annoying and want only a LittleFee faceplate (like myself), she’ll do her very best to find somebody for you to split with. She does split that enables you to get the clothes from a fullset, etc. The short version: Go join her group orders. She’s great at it!

She also has a Flickr if you’d like to see some group orders she’s had come through. She takes pictures of all the dolls that arrive at her house so we can check for mistakes before she ships them out. (I got my photo from her Flickr. Click it to see the bigger version on MissFlynn’s Flickr.)


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