Looong hiatus

So, I haven’t exactly been blogging like a crazy person. I have good excuses, though! But if you only read this blog for doll stuff, you should stop reading now and stay tuned for the next post which should (hopefully) be dolly centered. You could also read the last part of this post, which will be a bit about dollies. If you’re also interested in my boring life, please read on!

The 7th of September, I got married to the love of my life. Our wedding was beautiful, according to both ourselves and our guests. Heck, even I looked good! (My husband was absolutely stunning – that man can really wear a tux!) It went by in quite the blur, though… Anyway, the last two weeks or so (probably more) was spent completely focusing on making the wedding the best day of our lives. Planning, planning and more planning. From Monday to Friday we got like 4 hours of sleep each night – which of course meant that when we reached Friday, my husband-to-be was coming down with a full-blown cold that nothing could stop. This meant that even after 10 hours of sleep he was pretty sick all through the wedding and my family kept filling him with pills to take down his fever. He’s never gotten that much medicine and medical advice in his life – that’s what you get for marrying into a family of nurses and other health care professionals! He kept it together though, and by the end he was actually feeling so much better that I had to drag him to bed, because he wanted to stay up and drink with his buddies…

We got home Sunday in the evening, because after brunch and opening our presents, we had to drive for more than 4 hours to get to my parents’ home, where we stashed the gifts, because we were also moving. Yay! Then we had to drive back home, which is a 45 minutes drive. Then we spent Monday and Tuesday trying to get some sleep and at the same time trying to buy everything we needed for our honeymoon. Then Wednesday came a 1 hour flight to London followed by an unpleasant 12 hour flight to Mauritius. Then when we got there, I wasn’t feeling good, and at 4 in the night I got seriously sick. So I spent 3 days of our 7 day honeymoon in bed…and not the way that honeymoons are usually spent in a bed!

Our favorite pool at Paradise Cove

But it was so beautiful, I have no words. I’ve never experienced luxury like that before. When we wanted to move 5 meters or so, we almost got tackled by a waitress, because we had made a grave mistake: We were carrying our own glasses! “No no, madam! You are on vacation!” We ate by the pool once, when I felt better, too. We went with a glass bottom boat and saw a sea turtle! And generally we just spent a lot of time enjoying that we were together and had no commitments other than each other.

We had the most lovely dinner consisting only of seafood in one of these huts on my birthday

Getting home was even more awful, because 12 hours is just that much longer when you’re not flying to Paradise, but returning home to chaos. Arriving home we immediately had to start packing down our old apartment plus I had lost 3 keys to our new apartment. It took us a week to actually find said keys… Other than the fact that you can store an enormous amount of crap in an apartment the size of a shoebox, we also tossed all our big furniture except for our sofa, dining room table, and dining room chairs. In other words we bought most of IKEA. As I’m writing this, we’re still not done moving. My dad spent Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday here, and my mom the same except she had to skip Wednesday. My mom is returning tomorrow (Saturday) to help us pack the last things down from our old apartment, then Sunday she’ll help us clean it. Dad will visit Sunday in the new apartment to help hang the remaining lamps and stuff. We won’t exactly be done, though. Then comes the unpacking and the fact that we’re too picky to choose more lamps – we still need at least 2 ceiling lamps. We also have no curtains. So…yeah, we’ll likely need my dad quite a bit still.

Actual doll stuff
In the meantime I’ve received Rain’s face (LittleFee Ante Elf), Kiri (LittleFee Leah in tan) and the LittleFee Juri head, whom is yet nameless, but has a character. My two Lati girls (London and Poe) are also finally on their way home. And these days I have about 0 free minutes to spend with them, which makes me cry on the inside. I have wig, eyes and outfit for Rain, but I’m missing her shoes. I have nothing for Kiri. I have nothing for nameless character. I need wigs and shoes for both Lati girls, but Poe at least has an outfit.

I’m desperately hoping that I’ll have some time next week to at least take them out of their boxes, because I really want to see their precious little faces. I also hope that I can find a good cabinet or something to keep the girls in – I have the perfect place, but I need some sort of cabinet with a glass front. So I guess I’ll hit IKEA again, haha!

Also, if anybody is looking for homes for red or blonde YoSD wigs, YoSD girl clothes or YoSD shoes, please contact me!


4 thoughts on “Looong hiatus

  1. Big congrats on your wedding! I saw a picture of you on facebook in your wedding dress. You looked amazing!
    When do you plan to hit Ikea? I love going to Ikea ❤ We could do an Ikea picknic!

    • Thank you so much, sweetie! n_n I felt amazing, and even my sister said I looked great, so I guess it must be true. 😉
      I don’t even know right now, I still have what feels like a million boxes to unpack. u_u But it would certainly be fun going together! n_n I think my husband wouldn’t mind not going either. n_n

  2. Firstly congratulations to the newly married couple!

    It sounds like you had a very very busy honeymoon. The photos look gorgeous. I’ve never stayed anywhere that luxurious either.

    Probably a bit late now but hope the move went all right and without a hitch! I always hated moving when we were renting. Thank goodness we bought our house before the prices sky rocketed.

    • Thank you so much! n_n

      Very busy, I wish there had been more time for relaxing, but my sickness ate that time right up. 😦

      Not completely, I ended up basically wanting to throw my family out of my home, we had really done some interesting things to the floor in the old apartment, and a few of our things got really hurt (our new desk wasn’t properly put together, and my aunt and mother together really gave our expensive vacuum cleaner a rough time…). But it’s nice to have a new place. 🙂
      Oh, you have a house? The husband wants a house one day, I feel like I’m not really old enough to have a /house/, haha! But yes, the prices really skyrocketed, but at least in Denmark they seem to have gone down quite a bit – it’s actually quite difficult to sell your house these days, especially for those who bought when prices were at their highest, because they’ll lose so much in the sale…

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