Rain and Kiri are hooome!

IMG_7542 (3) As mentioned in my last post, Rain and Kiri are both home. Of course, I’m completely unprepared for them, so I don’t even have a dress ready for Kiri. Better start poking Noam! Kiri of course has special wishes for her dress, so I had to commission it, which I normally don’t enjoy, but Noam makes the most beautiful dresses. He gets to design most of the dress, which is nice – I’m bad at decision making.

I don’t have a wig for Kiri either, but that was mainly because I’ve been indecisive (and busy). Luckily I ranted a bit to the lovely Lise, who suggested looking at Leeke World’s wigs, and I ended up buying 3 wigs…oops! More on all my wig buying in another post.

IMG_7559 (3)Today I finally had the chance to open Kiri’s shipping box and look at that lovely tan resin for the first time. She’s darker than I expected, which I’m not too thrilled about, but I think I’ll get used to it. I guess I’m just used to Cassie being the dark skinned girl. I imagined her more like a Lati tan, but don’t get me wrong – it’s a beautiful tan! I think she’ll be even prettier with a great wig, but that will probably not be for a while… So in the mean time she has stolen Molly’s old wig, which isn’t really a flattering color…

Okay, as for the pictures. Please excuse Kiri’s bad hair and nakedness. Also, I think I need to trim Rain’s bangs. Alright, I know I need to trim Rain’s bangs. So if anybody has any trimming tips, then let me know! I also want to apologise for the bad light and clutter in the background, but I’m living in a forest of moving boxes, and I was running out of daylight…


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