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I have after quite a bit of thought on the topic decided to also create a Facebook page for the blog in the hopes that maybe some people won’t want to follow in any other way – I know I personally follow a lot of brands on Facebook! It’s handy, it’s always there, and sometimes it feels more personal. I strongly hope that this will also further some interaction with some of you, my dear readers, because it’s so easy to like and comment on Facebook.

The link is on the top corner (it’s the ‘f’), but here’s also the link handy for you!

Lily’s dolls on Facebook

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday with lots of what you enjoy (for me it’s photographing dolls and drinking soda!).


4 thoughts on “Facebook page

    • Thank you so much! n_n I just love Facebook far too much, so it didn’t really make sense to not have a Facebook page, haha. 🙂 (I think you might’ve been the first to like it, actually? Every like feels so awesome, so thanks! n_n)

  1. I’ve liked your page but personally I don’t think I’m going to comment on it. Sorry! But I just don’t like the idea of everything I comment/like on facebook is shared by everyone on my friends list (which is why I love secret groups) . If you just continue to update this blog, then you’ll make me happy 😀

    • That is quite alright! I feel the same way too, so it’s only once in a while I sneak in a little comment and hope that my family doesn’t see it… And I love secret groups for the same reason – in fact I only join secret groups! And of course I’ll continue to update here, the Facebook page is just one way to follow my blog – there’s lots of other ways. 😉

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