Sisterly love

IMG_7717 (2)Apparently, my Latis tend to be sisters. None of them biologically, but they tend to be clear sister pairs. Siria is the big sister elf who protects the fragile human sister. Nova is several hundred years younger than Siria, but the appear the same age to the human eye, mainly due to problems with the human aging process, but that’s another story altogether. And London and Poe (or Paris, as her full name happens to be) are sisters too. But while Nova is the annoying little sister that tends to stray and get lost, Poe immediately feels lost if she cannot see London. She prefers to be touching her all the time, and London has gotten used to her sister usually holding onto just one of her fingers. I must admit that I find both pair of sisters quite adorable, but I do fear for the fact that my Lati centaur has been ordered on her own and might demand a sister… *sigh* Anyway, I finally got some order in my doll clothes, and at the same time I pulled out Poe’s designated dress and some random clothes that London deemed fine for her. Still need to order those shoes, but the girls mind surprisingly little. I’m so used to Nova’s constant demands of stuff (dresses, shoes, jewelry, toys) that the two bat girls and their non-demanding attitude confuses me!

And to end this post: Here’s the most adorable sister picture, and please check my Flickr for more!

IMG_7707 (2)


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