Leeke World Art Lavender wig review

As mentioned here I recently purchased 3 wigs from Leeke World – all three of them are ART wigs. It took them a while to get home, but that was mostly the fault of the Danish customs services. The Art Lavender was purchased with Kiri in mind, and I was quite happy when it arrived. It’s very soft and lovely. After brushing it a bit with a toothbrush (I read this tip somewhere, but I’m not sure it’s the best solution…it does create less static than a plastic comb though), about 8 hairs came out, and that was pretty much it, so it isn’t shedding like mad.

The bangs are quite long for a LittleFee though. So is the length of the entire hair, as it reaches a bit below her knees. While I can trim the bangs, I would not recommend trimming the length of the wig, as you’d then lose the bottom colors.

I think the colors are a little less impressive in reality than in the pictures, as I’m especially not seeing the green very much.  But all in all I’m very happy, because it’s such a beautiful wig. Plus it really suits Kiri’s skin tone!

IMG_7722 (2)


8 thoughts on “Leeke World Art Lavender wig review

    • Thank you! Yes, it photographs quite well, that was a plus I forgot to mention, haha. It really means a lot that the wig photographs non-messy. 🙂

  1. Oh what a pretty wig! Even if you don’t completely love it, I like it a lot 🙂 I’m thinking of getting the Green Fairy Art wig for my next doll, so your review helped me a lot!

    • I got that one too! I’ve been planning on doing a review for that one as well. n_n I think there’s too few reviews of wigs out there. 🙂

  2. That wig is so awesome! 🙂 And yeah, more reviews about wigs would be really helpful, my mind was such a mess when I was trying to get a wig for my Pukifee… so I gues I should write a review for it, although I will have to wait for her to arrive so I can try it on! 😛

    • Yes, especially the little ones are so hard to pick out wigs for! Where did you end up getting yours? I prefer ForMyDoll for my tiny doll wig needs. 🙂
      But yes, definitely do a review! We need to stand together and do reviews to make wig buying easier! 😉

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