Taobao buys

So, first of all don’t tell this to my husband. I’ll tell him when all this arrives, haha! I don’t usually like to keep secrets from him, but being busy with exams and all, he just hasn’t had the time for me to sit down and gush dolly accessories to him. But he does tend to understand the fact that you can only take so many pictures of a nude doll.

So I asked our usual little group of dolly friends for someone to enable it, which of course resulted in Sanne jumping to the rescue. That was quite lucky, since Taobaotrends has changed since I last ordered (back then it was TBtrends). But I ordered it all, and I’m quite thrilled. Let’s take a look, shall we?


All pictures belong to the shop they came from – links below

  • A dress for Kiri (YoSD size) in pink. The green/blue one was sold out, sadly…
  • A skirt for Ozzie (YoSD size) in beige with golden stars.
  • Eyes for Ozzie (14 mm).
  • A tanktop for Ozzie (YoSD size) in white.



All pictures belong to the shop they came from – links below

  • Shoes for my Lati girls (Lati Yellow size) in black, pink and white.
  • Shoes for Rain (YoSD size) in black.
  • Shoes for Ozzie (YoSD size) in white.

So obviously, Ozzie is the one getting spoiled!

Do you have any preferred Taobao shops, or do you tend to stay away from Taobao?


12 thoughts on “Taobao buys

  1. You’ve bought some lovely things! 🙂 You have a really great taste.

    I’m kinda addicted to Taobao >_> Mostly SD16 shoes. I’m waiting for 6 pairs at the moment. I don’t really buy from certain shops, even though I know I could save on shipping.
    But it’s mostly because I see stuff, that I just -need- and they happen to be from different shops. 😛

    • Thank you! I believe that’s actually the first time I’ve ever been told that, haha. 😀

      Oh yes, shoes… I would love to just buy 100 pairs of shoes, but my girls can only fit into the childish ones. I want pretty shoes with heels!
      I do the same… I usually can’t find more than at best 2 things I want from the same shop!

    • Yep, my wallet thinks it’s a pretty scary place too! 😀 There are SO many gorgeous things in there if you’re willing to shift through a lot that isn’t interesting… Plus the prices are much better. 🙂

      Thank you!

  2. Aah, Asano has some really cute things! I was actually also planning on buying that dress in blue, but it looks like I have to look for something else. xD
    Love all the things you ordered! The shoes are especially cute. :3

    • If you were planning on getting it in blue in 1/6, yep… It’s sold out. *sad* I settled for the pink version, but not sure I’m completely happy with that!
      Thanks! 🙂

      • Yup, that’s what I planned. The dress is also cute in pink, but I already have so much pink and white clothes for my tinies, so I thought I needed some new colours. Hopefully they will restock it sometime. 😀

        • Yeah, pink and white really seems to be the available colors, which tends to get slightly annoying! But luckily I love pink, and my girls really NEED clothes, haha. 🙂

  3. Oh that is some gorgeous stuff. Those shoes are just so adorable and that tank top is lovely.

    I do the same with my husband but only if I am able to pay with credit card. Whenever I have to pay with paypal, he always knows because he’s the only one of us with a paypal!!

    • Thanks! n_n

      Well, I’m actually using my husband’s Paypal, since we agreed it’s silly to have two Paypal accounts… But he has made a folder on his computer for Paypal emails and never sees any of them. *rolls eyes*

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