#14: Selling dolls

Would you ever sell one of your BJDs?

That’s an easy one. Yes, I would – in fact I’ve already done so. If I don’t enjoy the doll, I see no reason to keep it – even if it was my first BJD (a PukiPuki). I have to really love to photograph my dolls or at least love thinking about them (these days I don’t have the time to enjoy them much, but I do spend a lot of time thinking about them) to justify the cost of them. When I don’t enjoy a doll, I don’t really see why I should keep it around. I don’t bond heavily if I don’t like photographing, so most dolls I haven’t really missed. The only doll I actually really miss is one of my Pullips (a Pullip Papin), who obviously is not a BJD… Sometimes I actually think about getting another Pullip, because they are so beautiful. I think it’s just a bit of nostalgia when seeing other people’s really pampered Pullips, but I sort of envy those who do really great things with them.

But as for BJDs, I need to feel really good about them. Currently I don’t feel so good about Cassie’s current shell (Momocolor Lucy) and Siria (Lati Yellow Laches), so I’m trying to sell them, but the market isn’t too good…

So, would you sell one of your dolls, or do you love them too much? Have you maybe already sold some?


6 thoughts on “#14: Selling dolls

  1. I have noticed how slow the secondhand market is. I am wanting to try and sell two of my dolls but I am not sure how it will go. It’s a shame because only early this year, the market was moving perfectly fine.

    Back in January, I sold quite a few of my dolls, eight I think and a few floating heads. I’m glad I did and I don’t really miss any of the ones that have gone. Well, maybe just one, my Juri 10 head. I kind of regret selling that one now but what’s done is done and I have no interest repurchasing dolls I have already sold.

    Lately though, I have felt like there really isn’t anyone else I’d sell. I may have more dolls than I initially intended but at the end of the day, I’m not unhappy with my collection at the moment.

    With Cassie and Siria, do you think it might be their styling that is putting you off? Maybe a change of styling might change your feelings? Or is it more that they don’t visually look like the two characters?

    • Yes, it’s so slow these days! It’s driving me pretty crazy, I must admit. :S

      Well, happiness with my collection is really my goal, so I’m slightly envious of you. 😉 Currently I don’t have more than these two I want to sell, but I definitely have some I want to buy! 😀

      No, Cassie’s shell doesn’t fit with my current LittleFees who all shell my characters. As for Siria, I feel like I have a sad character already in Poe, and her posing just isn’t as great as she has the old body. I know some people prefer the look of the old body, but I really value posing!

  2. I mostly sell my dolls, if I feel like the doll I’ve chosen isn’t the best choice for that character. I do have sold dolls because I needed too, but I’ve later bought new shells, that I feel happy about.

    I can understand why other people have a different approach to selling dolls though. It all depends on how we “do” the hobby. 🙂

    • My characters mainly develop as I buy shells, haha. 😀 “Pretty…that would be a character like this…NOT GOOD.” 😉

      I also love how you do it – your characters are always so interesting, and make mine feel so fantasy and flat!

      • But that’s another great way to be in the hobby. 😀 Even if it can be a bit dangerous, since you can easily end up with a lot dolls!

        Thank you for the kind words! But your characters seem so cute and adorable. I just wish I could get to know them better! 🙂

        • True, but I try to restrain myself a lot, haha. 🙂 Plus I’m currently just waiting for funds to buy the dolls that I already have on my want list – one of which I can’t even figure out the character for…

          Sadly, their creator is a very lazy person, who can’t seem to get the words out right when she finally tries!

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