My poor head!

I’m mainly writing this to assure you, my dear readers, that I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth.

Friday afternoon I hit my head really hard on one of the knob thingies in the shower. Like, I was seeing stars and sparkles for 5-20 seconds (I have had problems recalling the time span). I felt sick and went to sit on my couch and watch some tv until I got better, which is where my husband found me when he came home. I had the worst headache, and as his mother called to say hi, he promptly asked her all about it (he hit his head really hard when he was younger, so she has some experience). Turns out she believed I had a concussion. Refusing to spend days without anything to do just because my mother-in-law thought I had a concussion, I insisted we go to the emergency doctor. After waiting for an hour, he confirmed my mother-in-law’s suspicions: I indeed had a concussion.

He couldn’t tell how long it would last, but it’s been since Friday and I don’t feel a very big improvement. I figured I might as well get on my computer and check my mails and stuff, since I don’t really seem to feel any better. I basically can’t do anything, so I read a little, watch a little tv, and stare into the wall. A lot. If I read or look at a screen too long, my headache gets worse. If I pressure myself too hard, it gets worse. If I get too tired, it gets worse. You get the picture! I can tell it’s harder for me to spell and a little harder for me to speak, and when I get too tired, my words become an interesting jumble of word-soup. I have actually been feeling worse just writing this! So yeah, hoping to recover soon, but it seems like it might be a full week or maybe more before I’m well again.

If anybody feels like sending me a get-well-present, I’d love a Luts Tiny Delf centaur with a white body, pink tail and preferably the Hansel head. (Self-pity that I didn’t order this doll has been filling me up, since I have absolutely nothing better to do.)

Looking forward to blogging again and hoping you’re all feeling lots healthier than me!


4 thoughts on “My poor head!

  1. Oh I am sorry to hear this has happened to you! Just take it easy and take it slow. Don’t worry about the blogging world for now. We’ll be here when you get back and are feeling better again. Just look after yourself first.

    • Thank you so much sweetie. ❤ I just miss the blogging world, haha! At least you other guys still post so I have something to read while not feeling too well!
      I'm taking it really easy and slow, my brain forces me to. Otherwise I risk falling asleep while standing up!

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