Dolls as shelled characters

Many in this lovely hobby of ours tend to make their dolls into characters. Whether they have characters from stories they’ve already written, or they are more like me who see a pretty doll and then end up creating a character for it, the dolls end up with their own personality, sense of style, and funny quirks. (For those of you who don’t have characters or even personalities for their dolls, that is also a perfect way to enjoy the hobby!)

For most people this means shelling adult characters at the least as MSDs, but often going even bigger. These are the dolls who usually are more or less adult shaped and usually with somewhat adult faces. Whether you prefer MiniFees or JIDs or Chicline or any other type of MSD, these are undeniably some sort of adult, although there is some discussion about some MSD sculpts being more teenage than adult.
But what about people like me? I for some reason can’t agree with anything bigger than 29 cm, which means that adult shaped dolls are mostly out of the question for me. I prefer LittleFees and have plans to own at least 5 of them. And they are all shells for adult characters. My girls are somewhere between 17 and several thousand years, but in appearance they are (in my head) somewhere around 17-21.

The problems is that the average age for LittleFee characters are 3-8 years. So naturally people look at my dolls and think “children”, especially because some of the girls tend to dress cutesy. On the other hand they can’t exactly dress provocatively (which would occur only to one of them, but she usually feels more at home in something glamorous), because that would look so wrong.
And it gets worse. I’ve wanted to let one of my girls be pregnant and later have a kid. No, I wouldn’t show the making of the baby, because that involves a character I believe I won’t shell, plus I just don’t want to. LittleFees aren’t sexy without clothes on, they’re just childish. But I’d like to let her have a tummy in a few shoots, and then I’d love to let her have a child (I’m thinking Nappy Choo or maybe a PukiFee for an older child, because some PukiFees have pointy ears like the mother sculpt, while Nappy Choos only have round ears, but I could explain that away).

I’ve only told this to one person, and luckily she didn’t react like I was gross or weird. I guess that gave me the courage to actually get this down in writing here on the blog, and maybe my lovely readers will let me know their thoughts? I don’t mind if you think it’s a horrible idea, I’d like to know, honestly! (I’d also love to know if you think it’d be okay, of course!) I’ve seen it done with a PukiFee couple, and I was surprised at the fact that it didn’t weird me out. They didn’t seem like such small children! But it might just be me, haha. So please share your thoughts!


8 thoughts on “Dolls as shelled characters

  1. I’ve seen all sorts of things being around the writing world so maybe that’s why your idea doesn’t weird me out? I mean, one of my characters has the appearance of a young child but she’s actually very very old and also a tad on the dark side! When you’re talking fantasy, well, anything can happen really.

    So sure, I can believe that your LTFs are adult characters. Whose to say there aren’t specific creatures/race of human who couldn’t look like that. Whose to say a human character can’t look young but still be an adult.

    I’ve seen some very mature face ups on LTFs myself and they always look amazing and some of them can look very adult with the right face up.

    I often sometimes wonder if I had started out with a tiny whether I would have just kept with that size myself. They are a lot easier to store that’s for sure than the bigger sizes and all the wardrobe you can get for them are so cute and small.

    • Well, I’m happy to hear that it doesn’t freak you out too much! I guess it really depends on whether you’re able to see them in a fantasy way, because that certainly makes it easier, I believe!

      Yes, I’d love to get some more adult faceups, because those can be amazing! Currently my girls will have to make do with their default faceups from Fairyland though!

      Absolutely easier to store! But I also find that I prefer taking pictures of them – when I held my MiniFee, I had no idea what to do with her, while my LittleFees tend to have their own ideas…

  2. Ara says:

    I think it often start to get weird for people when you mix sizes, like MSD and SD, and say they are both the same, adult age. Saying “but real people are different in height too!” doesn’t really help when these dolls are actual completely different in proportions. A small adult still looks like an adult, not like a big child or vice versa.
    I personally can’t see YoSD/MSDs as adults, sometimes not even SDs, but that is because I’m mostly collecting 70cm dolls and bigger. All other dolls look next to them like kids, especially due the difference in proportions, and that’s why I can’t look at SDs and smaller and think “Well, this looks like some fine matured adult person”.
    Also all my YoSDs and MSDs are always children for my bigger dolls.

    However, this does NOT mean I can’t accept when someone sees it differently.
    I might not understand it, due to my own personal preference, but as long as it’s properly executed I think it’s absolutely possible.

    Coming back to your actual question:
    Just like I said in the beginning I only think people might be confused when you mix sizes, i.e. say your Littlefees and your MSDs are the same age AND interacting with each other in the same, mostly not-fantasy, world (I don’t know your collection, that’s just an example). That’s usually when it crosses the line for people.
    If you have them as a pretty closed group of same-sized dolls nobody really cares (and the one who do can please go where the sun doesn’t shine) how old they actually look like. Not everyone likes big dolls, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to shell their adult characters.

    • I can absolutely see what you mean – compared to those 70cm boys and girls, every other doll starts to look a little childish! They are so gorgeous and mature, and I love looking at them, even though I’m slightly terrified when holding one, haha. 🙂 (At meets I tend to be the one staring longingly at the SDs and bigger, because they fascinate me, but I’m always scared of breaking it or dropping it or something, because it’s so much bigger than I’m used to!)

      I don’t intend to mix sizes at all – I’m sticking with my LittleFees. 🙂 I had a plan to have my MSDs be adults, but then I got a MSD and well…yeah, no love lost there. So all my LittleFees are going to be the same age (at least in appearance, since they differ in actual age with millenia!)

      Glad to hear that even a big doll collector finds that it will likely work out for me, that is surprisingly comforting to hear. I guess that’s what I’m really scared of – owners of the big dolls looking at me like I’m absolutely insane!

  3. Bronwyn says:

    It doesn’t weird me out either- but of course I wouldn’t try to say I’m “normal” in any aspect of that, because I tend to be very… I’m trying to think of how to put this.. I tend to focus more on the personality/inner impression I have for a doll rather than the outer appearance. And aside from baby dolls, I tend to just indiscriminantly dress my dolls, so if a doll looks good in a more “adult” type outfit I will put it on her/him without a second thought.

    This has gotten me weird looks a couple times. But there you go.

    • Haha, sort of like I am with people I guess. 😉 I feel the same though – some dolls really manage to project a very adult character, even if they appear young… While some dolls manage to appear mature, but still pulls off a very young character!

      I don’t mind the weird looks as much I think – I’m sort of used to it – but it still worries me… What does those looks mean? Just confusion or maybe even disgust?

  4. Really, I think you can explain all things away… especially when the doll has pointy ears… I mean, it’s obviously not human then. If someone gives you flack about it, forget em!

    I think it sounds like a cute idea.

    • She has! I guess that’s why she’s quickly making her way into my heart as my favorite LittleFee, even if I never used her faceplate… I have a thing for pointy ears!

      Glad to hear your support, it means a lot that people aren’t going “You’re too weird!” but rather “Do what you like!”. 🙂

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