Leeke World Art Winter wig review

As mentioned here I recently purchased 3 wigs from Leeke World – all three of them are ART wigs. It took them a while to get home, but that was mostly the fault of the Danish customs services. The Art Winter was purchased with Cassie in mind, and I was quite happy when it arrived. It’s incredibly soft. I just bought a new makeup brush from The Body Shop and I thought that was soft, but this wig is even softer! I want hair like that. I didn’t even brush it (mainly because I forgot where I left the toothbrush…), but it didn’t really seem like it would help a lot. Funny stray-ish hairs are just part of slightly curly wigs in my experience. It’s especially bad in the face area, and I might need to figure out some sort of way to keep it out of her face. Tucking the front parts in might be a good solution, since it looks very lovely with this wig.

This wig has no bangs, which I’m quite grateful for. The bangs are just too long for LittleFees. The fit is quite nice though!

As for the colors I think it looks even better in reality than in Leeke’s pictures, so that’s a big plus! Also it’s a nice step up from Cassie’s current shell’s wig. Although white is very lovely, I think this suits her personality better. I’m not sure it fits so well with the tan skin tone though, so I might need to reconsider Cassie’s skin tone (if Fairyland ever decides to re-release tan skin!). Or maybe I should just try the wig on one of my normal skin girls, but that’s for another time…

IMG_8133 (2)


4 thoughts on “Leeke World Art Winter wig review

    • I’ve heard both good and bad things about them, but when I saw the ART wigs, I just couldn’t resist! I only need to unpack one wig now, and I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to do that tomorrow. 🙂

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