Leeke World Art Fairy wig review

As mentioned here I recently purchased 3 wigs from Leeke World – all three of them are ART wigs. It took them a while to get home, but that was mostly the fault of the Danish customs services. The Art Fairy was purchased with Ozzie in mind. Just like the other wavy wig I purchased (Winter) it was so incredibly soft that I basically wanted to rub my face against it. My husband arrived home to find me with the wig in hand and just stroking it. I want my cat to be as soft! I didn’t brush it, because I still haven’t located my toothbrush and I hate having to haul everything out of the closet it’s currently in. I really want that cupboard for my girls… It has a bit of fly-aways, but I doubt a lot of brushing would help. Maybe some sprays of water or wig tamer or something, but I have none of that lying around (well, I do have water…), but it still photographs very well. The only problem is the stray hair that insists on getting in her face, and unless that one starts marching in a row with the rest, I’ll yank it out.

This one had bangs in her face as well, and I just couldn’t make them look good in any way, so I grabbed my tiny scissors and went at it. It’s not as good as it could be, but it’s also not horrible. I actually read somewhere on Tumblr that wigs (doll and human alike) are actually made with bangs too long, so you’re supposed to trim them! Well that’s a mystery solved in my book.

The color in Leeke’s pictures is quite accurate, and the wig is so beautiful in real life. There’s something very magical about all the Leeke wigs I’ve received in this batch – they have a unique quality to them and I enjoy them a lot. Plus I’ve been lucky enough that all the wigs are just perfect for their character. Well, I’m still on the fence about Cassie’s wig and tan skin, but who knows if Fairyland will even release tan skin again?

IMG_8144 (2)


2 thoughts on “Leeke World Art Fairy wig review

    • I almost missed it too! And it’s so gorgeous and perfect that I’m just thrilled that a friend told me to look at Leeke’s wigs. xD

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