A burning wish

Sometimes you will look at a new doll, make a sound of indifference and continue browsing. You may see it around different places and hardly notice it. Then one day, like turning on the lights, you see the doll in all its glory and realise that it has become a grail, a muse, a must-have.

I’m sure we’ve all been through this – if not, you have a lovely, yet painful experience waiting for you. I’ve had plenty of cases of seeing a doll and really liking it and deciding that it should be part of my collection one day. Lati Yellow Coco was one of those dolls – I knew I’d own her in tan one day. And along came the Aladdin release, and she became mine. She didn’t have the pointy ears I longed for or the magic of the elusive Lati “winter tan”, but it didn’t matter much, because she was (and is) perfect. She’s my favorite.

But recently I was hit by lightning while browsing Flickr. I follow all sorts of photographers, whether they’re really awesome or still learning, and I love it. I learn so much and I feel slightly blessed sometimes when seeing a particularly beautiful or thought-out photo. One of those really awesome photographers is my friend Sue/Fragile Existence. This woman is talented and has such a unique way of processing her pictures. You can tell from a mile away that a picture is Sue’s work.

And one day Pocky popped up – Sue’s grey Lati Sophie. Needless to say my jaw dropped, and an obsession quickly developed. Within a few days I was frantically searching for a grey Lati Sophie of my own. I’ve even applied the extraordinary luck of my friend Anne, who boasts about her superpower when it comes to getting wishlist dolls. I’ve put up WTBs on both DoA and Flickr, and at this point there’s nothing to do but wait and hope. Preferably for someone who has a grey Lati Sophie within Europe and who would absolutely love to trade for my Lati Yellow Laches.

But in the meantime, this obsession is quite painful. I know I’m not the only one suffering: A friend of mine almost cries when she thinks too hard of how badly she wants a doll from Enaibi and how impossible those are to obtain. When she tells about that, I almost feel blessed – Sophie will be easy to find compared to one of Enaibi’s dolls!

Have you ever had a doll turn your world upside-down with “WANT!”?


4 thoughts on “A burning wish

  1. I regularly get hit by “I need this doll or my life will be over” moments. Haha.
    Right now it’s a SOOM Chalco in brown tan. I just don’t want to buy him just yet, since the character I want him for is so new and undeveloped.
    Before that it was a Feeple65 Chloe I obsessed over. I was very lucky, I could bring her home almost immediately after my obsession started. 🙂

    I hope you’ll be able to find the grey Sophie very soon! She’s a super cute sculpt and I think she’ll look great in your doll family.

    • Regularly? Glad I’m not in your shoes! 😉
      I think he’ll be gorgeous, but I do get the part about fleshing out the character and figuring out whether he’ll fit before buying. 😉
      Awww, envious! I want to bring a Sophie home too!

      Thanks. ❤

  2. I hope you are able to get this doll!

    I do know what you mean though. Some sculpts I haven’t paid much attention to until I see them in someone else’s hands and what they do with them. Then I sit up and take notice. But I also have to be careful because sometimes, it isn’t the sculpt as such but what that particular collector has done with their doll that I like so much. So in that case, I can just enjoy the sculpt through them and not feel the need to own one.

    • Thank you so much. n_n

      Yes, I’ve had that happen to me a lot – mainly with LittleFees and Blythes. 🙂 But this particular girl is a girl I suddenly love in each and every picture on Flickr! 🙂

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