Happy New Year!

So 2013 came and went, and now it’s 2014. For me 2013 was a year of great joys and huge disappointments. In the doll department it was sad to recognise that I didn’t feel comfortable with dolls bigger than YoSDs. I also during the last month or so fell completely in love with Lati Sophie in grey skin, and the very last day I got notice from a Flickr acquaintance that someone might be selling her. The first day of 2014 I was told that she would be selling her to a person in France. So 2014 didn’t start off in the best possible way. On the bright side I also received some great dolls and feel like I greatly improved my photography skills.

On a more personal note, 2013 was the year of my wedding. In itself it was a great experience and the best day of my life, but it came with a side of disappointments regarding my parents. We also got a new apartment, which has been a relief for the both of us. Plus I got a cupboard for my dolls, yay! Sadly I didn’t manage to turn my final paper in because of the wedding and the move, plus I got a concussion. Not so yay.

I’m hoping this new year will bring many more happy moments with both my husband and my dolls. I hope to bring some new dolls into the family and obtain some more clothes for both current and new ones. On a more personal note, I really want to get that final paper done!

And as for celebrating: The girls had a blast with all the fancy clothes and fireworks, and they want to wish you all a happy New Year!

IMG_8866 (3) Happy New Year fyrværkeri


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