A Doll A Week

This year I’ve decided to challenge myself a bit. One of my biggest regrets last year was not photographing my dolls enough. I could see quite a bit improvement from 2012, but I’m certain that spending even more time with my camera would be a big help. I like the overall quality of my pictures a lot more this year, too – not just in quality (better camera), but in creativity as well. It’s easier to get creative when you really like the outcome.

I’ve seen the A Doll A Week challenge done quite a bit, and people often mention that forcing themselves to take more pictures helps them improve. So I’ve decided to try it out myself. I tried finding a challenge list, but failed. This led me to conclude that just taking random pictures would probably be an easier start anyway. Maybe I can try a challenge next year!

I won’t name my pictures ADAW as I tried one year, because I hate that title plus I’m doing this for myself. I might make a set for it on Flickr and pick one picture each week though.

So you might have noticed that we’re currently already in the second week of 2014. Ironically I was able to pull my act together and take the pictures last week, but I couldn’t find the energy to actually post them! Oh well, let’s pretend anyway.

IMG_8888 (2)

IMG_8920 (2)

Have you ever done any of these challenges, whether A Doll A Day, A Doll A Week, A Doll A Month or something else? Were you successful?


4 thoughts on “A Doll A Week

  1. The photos turned out great. I really like how she seems to be caught in that ribbon!

    I am hopeless with year long challenges. I have never tried them and it’s solely because I know that I will just leave it by the wayside in a week or two. I’m like that with writing challenges too. I also don’t do them because then I start to feel forced rather than inspired and a lot of my photos I do when I feel truly inspired otherwise if I try to force it, I end up hating every photo I take. And there lies the path of darkness.

    • Thank you! It was a spur of the moment idea when I was supposed to be cleaning up! 😀

      Yes, I usually give up as well, but I’m feeling like I need to force myself, else I only pull out the camera once every month! I’m hoping a little push like this might really help me out. n_n

  2. Great shots you got, the last one is too adorable! 😀

    I once tried to do a photo a day for a month only, but even that I couldn’t accomplish. xD But you actually made me wanna try this one out. I might fail, but I also think that I will get much further into it with a photo a week, than with a photo a day. And luckily I actually have a doll photo from last week that I just haven’t posted anywhere yet. xD

    • Thank you! n_n

      Yeah, a photo a day even for just a month seem a little overwhelming at this point. 😀 I’m having a hard enough time with once a week, but that might change at some point.
      Yay, you should absolutely try too! At least if we both fail, we’ll have someone to be pathetic with. 😀

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