A cake from AiClay

I was the incredibly lucky winner of AiClay’s contest for a beautiful bracelet with a slice of rainbow cake as an appendant.

IMG_9008 (2)

Bracelet by AiClay

A little bit about AiClay
I’m just one of many who have been following Jocelyn (the owner of AiClay) for quite a while. She does this amazing miniature food with such details that you’re usually left speechless! From tiny strawberry tarts to cookies to hotdogs she creates little wonders with her hands. She also makes little “recipes” of how to make a sandwich, and it always makes me smile to see such realistic miniatures. Jocelyn also hosts awesome workshops where she actually teaches people to make these miniatures. Anyone care to buy me a plane ticket to Singapore?

About my gift
As mentioned the prize was a bracelet with a slice of rainbow cake. And wauw! Jocelyn even made the bracelet a lot longer for me (I have fat wrists), so it fits, which is pretty neat!

(A note though: I’ll probably never be a product photographer or a model. I also need to move to a country with much better natural light. This should not reflect on poor Jocelyn, who is likely shuddering from how my photography butchered her beautiful products. Seriously, go check her own pictures.)

IMG_8994 (2)

Such cute packaging! A little note and card with pictures of AiClay’s products and of course the beautiful box with my bracelet!

IMG_9018 (2)

My hand will never be a model. But the bracelet is gorgeous!

And of course we need a picture with a doll. This is after all a doll blog! For some reason Kiri immediately jumped on the chance to pose with something so pretty, but her hair refused to cooperate…

IMG_9026 (2)

Kiri not looking her best – I blame the lack of light here in Denmark

Where to find AiClayBlog
Because we all need you know some of that jewelry!


2 thoughts on “A cake from AiClay

  1. Hi Maria! This is such a sweet post, and trust me, I know how hard it is to photograph a bracelet! I almost twisted my hand trying to take a good photo of the bracelet on my hand haha. So glad you found AiClay and am enjoying it! Take care, and hope to talk to you more often via my fb pictures and posts! 🙂

    • Hi Jocelyn, I later realised I should probably have looked at your way to hold your hand, because I tried so many other positions and they all turned out so awful, haha! 🙂

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