#15: Skin tone

Do you own dolls with different skin tones?

Very much so! I adore having different skin tones around. I’m hoping to add grey and pink to the family one day…

I currently have Lati’s so called normal skin (it’s quite white with a yellow tint), Fairyland’s normal skin, Lati’s tan skin and Fairyland’s tan skin. I also have the even darker Momocolor tan skin, but as those of you who are more regular readers might know, I’m hoping to rehome her. (I was so hoping to add another Momocolor to my crew some day, when they rethink the body a bit, but sadly, it seems like Momocolor is going bankrupt or something?)

I personally believe a lot of different skin tones add some flavor to a collection, and I would love even more versions of especially tan. Normal skin is also lovely, but there’s just something about tan dolls. Maybe it’s because I have a hard time getting tan myself (more prone to just getting burned), as it seems a lot of us live out our dreams through our dolls? At least I know I tend to. I can’t be an Elvish girl or have awesome multicolored hair or be mentally healthy, but hey, at least my dolls can! And they can be tan too, haha.

Do you also have a lot of different skin tones, or do you just hoard blue skinned dolls? (I would love a dark blue skinned doll, I would get her a faceup like a starry night.)


2 thoughts on “#15: Skin tone

  1. I have only white and normal skin tones (O.O;) Maybe in the future I will try to get one with tan skin. Many people recommend me that Luts also has nice tan skin tone but I’ve just seen it from photos, so…I’m not so sure. I have to collect many information before making a decision. 🙂

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen an unattractive tan – in pictures or real life! 😀 But yes, you should only get one if you feel absolutely certain it’s for you. 🙂 It’s not like tan skin is better than any other skin color. 😉

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