Impulse control

(First a little note: No, I haven’t given up on my blog, but first I was sick, then my husband got sick, and now that he’s feeling well again, I’m back to being sick!)

I’ve never considered myself an impulsive person. I’m not the type to book a last minute vacation, because I need at least a month to be stressing out about it. When I decide to do something, I go through with it (like continuing in law school despite realising second year that it probably wasn’t for me – but at this point I’m almost done with my law degree). My older sister is far more the impulsive one, though that isn’t really saying much, and when we go shopping I usually come home with things I really like but wouldn’t have bought unless she was there to tell me to “Buy it!”. I’m the type who’ll go home and read reviews and consider for a very long time whether I honestly want to spend $20 on that lipgloss.

But when it comes to doll characters, I’m impulsive. I’m usually always working on a new character or trying to get to know an old one better. (Often spurred on by Lise who always has a new character in the works!) I’ll decide on a whim whether a character stays or goes, and usually it really comes down to whether I’m bored with the character or not. If I decide to scrap a character, the doll housing it better hope that I make a fitting new character, because if I don’t, I’ll sell the doll. Up for consideration is currently the story of Rain and Kiri (LittleFee Ante elf and LittleFee Leah respectively), but that partly stems from boredom and partly from the fact that I’m considering whether LittleFees are also too big for my taste. I’d still keep Ozzie though, I love her character too much.

When it comes to the actual dolls, I don’t feel that I’m super-impulsive, but it is a little worse than in other aspects of my life. Sometimes a doll just comes up and I have to have it, but I can usually talk myself out of it – Lati Kentauros being an exception that I probably shouldn’t have made. Some people have rules that they can’t buy a doll they don’t have a character for, but seeing as I’m usually being inspired by the sculpt, that wouldn’t really work for me. Other people have rules that they can’t buy another doll until they’ve sold one off, and at some point you just don’t want to sell any of your dolls and the buying stops. Since my collection really isn’t that big, I don’t feel that rule will work for me, although I’m currently trying to practice it with my Momocolor Lucy and Lati Laches (none of which seems to be able to find a new home). I guess my rule mainly is: Sleep on it for as long as possible (at least 2 weeks) and only make a decision when you’re completely certain that you can or can’t live without having this specific doll in your life.

Are you an impulsive person? How does it show? Do you have any doll-buying rules?


4 thoughts on “Impulse control

  1. You’re a much more responsible person than I am. xD When I see a doll for sale for a good price, and I can somehow use it as a character, my brain will go “we need to buy this, before it’s gone foreveeeeeer!!” 😛
    I guess I’m addicted to layaways. It’s not unsual for me to handle 2-3 layaways at the time.
    Or I sometimes, rarely, sell a doll, in order to shell another (with the intent of shelling the first character again of course).
    But yeah, I’m very impulsive. Which is why I’m glad I at least have my “only buy dolls meant for characters” rule, Otherwise I would have a million dolls. ^^;

    Did you decide what you were gonna do about the Ante?

    • My brain does the same, I just tend to bash it with a bat and go: “No! Bad brain!” 😀
      Layaways amaze me. But since I don’t really have a steady income (other than SU, which is eaten by rent and food), I might as well just click buy. 😛
      But when you keep making characters, does the rule really work? 😛

      Not yet… I’m not fit for making decisions right now. 😛

  2. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been sick! That’s the problem when you’re both sick, you tend to pass it back and forth between each other (if it’s something like the flu). Hopefully you will get well soon and stay well.

    I can understand where you are coming from regarding deciding on a whim whether a character stays or goes. I’m familiar with that and I do that … a lot.

    Do you think you will end up keeping your Littlefees?

    I tend to think I am a bit of a impulsive person but in truth, I’m really not. I procrastinate a lot on whether to purchase a doll or not and sometimes I’ll procrastinate so long, I miss out (if the doll is a limited release). However, I do tend to get bored with my dolls a lot, especially if I am forever changing their style – which tends to happen if I can’t settle on a style or look for them. I also procrastinate a lot when it comes to whether I will sell a doll because I feel it no longer works for me for whatever reason or because I want a smaller collection.

    I actually don’t really have any doll buying rules. Supposedly it’s one doll a year but I never seem to stick to that. In all honesty, I actually won’t be buying anymore BJDs. I know I’ve finally reached the end of the line and there hasn’t really been any sculpts that have remotely perked my interest in a while.

    • Yep, that’s certainly what we do here at least! If one of us gets sick, the other one knows that she/he only has a few days left before she/he also catches it, haha. 😀 Thanks. 🙂

      I honestly don’t know yet… I think I worry about a lot of other things so I’m not really fit for making that decision without risking regretting it…

      Yeah, I do the same, and it’s a shame when it’s a limited edition or you miss out on getting some extras with the purchase! You get bored when you keep changing them? Why? That actually sounds kinda fun…

      It must be nice to be done with your collection, especially if that doesn’t mean that you’re done with the hobby. 🙂

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