Liebster Blogger Award

I got nominated for the Liebster Blogger Award, and I have absolutely no idea what it is! But apparently it involves answering a bunch of questions, so I’ll do that!I was nominated by Lise of Red Riding Hood.

1. What is the next doll you have planned?
That’d be Phia, a PukiFee Ante. I’ve not been wanting her for very long, but when I came up with the idea for her, I basically wanted to carry it out right now. Sadly, money isn’t what I’ve got most of right now though…

2. Most people in the BJD hobby have characters for their dolls. Assuming you do too, how did the character come to be?
As a figment of my weird imagination I believe, haha? Sometimes I dream about characters, other times I just get ideas that either get tossed out or worked on.

3. Do your dolls have a theme song and if so which one(s)?
Sometimes I find songs that somehow point to a specific character, but theme songs? Not really, no…

4. Where do you prefer to talk about dolls? (DoA, blogs, Tumblr, other?)
That’d be Skype, where we have a close-knit group of friends who like to chat about both dolls and life in general. We’re all pretty strange, but we create a safe place for all of us to talk about problems or just wanting that new gorgeous doll.

5. What do you like the most about the doll hobby?
Honestly? Making friends. The less pathetic answer: Photography and being able to show my characters even though I’m not able to draw.

6. What do you like the least about the doll hobby?
It’s so expensive, which I absolutely hate. I don’t actually like spending money!

7. Do you dream of any kind of doll that does not yet exist?
Maybe a peacock anthro doll? Or an even cuter, four-legged dragon? I don’t even know how the first would work, but yeah, haha.

8. Do you have any irl friends who share your hobby?
No, sadly.

9. If you could get 1 free doll right now, which doll would you choose?
PukiFee Ante in tan.

10. Have you gotten any new friends through the doll hobby?
Yes, several. I really like having something to bond over, even if we’re quite different in other aspects. I tend to gravitate towards people I have other things in common with as well, though.

11. Honestly, do you think you’ll ever lose your interest in dolls?
Yes, absolutely. Some day it just won’t hold the same magic for me, and I’ll slowly drop out.


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